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Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Fly

With the potential come back of the avian flu during some of the coldest winter weather in a long time, it is no surprise that alarm bells have been ringing in Romania when a flock of birds mysteriously died. However according to Veterinarians, they were just simply drunk. A European Starling searching for berries The

Strange Phenomenon Caught In Hungary

Around Oct 15th, 2009 these photos were taken from an iPhone using the application “iSpy”. Roughly 7:00AM Hungarian time. There was an unusual “ghostly” cloud floating around a tree near a small park in Budapest. The ghostly cloud was circling the tree at around 5-7 MPH and after witnessing this phenomenon for ten minutes I

Squirt! The Friendly Porpoise

A Harbour Porpoise dubbed ‘Squirt’ has been frequenting the River Bann in Northern Ireland recently. Local kids have named the Porpoise ‘Squirt’ in relation to squirting water through its blowhole. People have been crowding around to see Squirt feeding and going about its life, experts have been reported to say that Squirt seems happy, however they

Fit As A Goldfish?

A man in California has trained his pet goldfish to play basketball, football and even limbo under a bar! This amazing man is Dr Dean Pomerleau. He has taught his pet goldfish by the name of Comet these tricks through a method called positive reinforcement. Dr Pomerleau stated ‘With the promise of some food and the right tools, it

Secrets Of The Platypus Revealed

Scientists have recently reported that they have finally cracked and analysed the genome of the mysterious Duck-billed Platypus, and discovered that the Platypus, although a mammal, actually has genetic ties to both reptiles and birds. Deciphering the Platypus genome has been a goal for biologists for a long time as it is believed that they Platypus genome

Tasty Squirrel Treat!

David Simpson, a butcher in Fraddon, Cornwall, has a new treat on the menu. Squirrel Pasties. According to David ‘People like the fact it is wild meat, low in fat and local.’ The squirrel meat and pasties in general have gone down a storm at his shop. David says hes managed to get 60 squirrels

Kinkajou On The Loose!

A Kinkajou, or otherwise known as a Honey Badger escaped from the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City, before going for a hour long ride on public transport. Apparently the Kinkajou spent most of the journey upfront with the bus driver and was swinging from the support railings. When the driver tried to grab

Bear On Patrol

A Black Bear has been spotted patrolling the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Authorities at the prison are taking a laid back attitude to the ‘Extra layer of security’ as they believe this will help deter convicts who may have been planning an escape. The bear, weighing over 400-lb was fist sighted walking around the centre on the prison which

Sudanese Man Marries Goat

A man has been forced to marry a goat after he was found making love to the animal in Sudan. Mr Alifi said: “It was approximately midnight when Tombe, (the goat lover) arrived. I was in bed at the time. All of a Sudden, I heard the goat outside, it was being really loud”. I

Snake Eats Family Dog

A family were living in fear in Queensland, Australia, after a massive snake ate their pet dog. A 16ft python had been stalking their pet Chihuahua for days before following him into the family home. It curled up on the Chihuahua’s bed prior to eating him in front of the pet’s owner, Daniel Peric. Daniel

Tiger Kills Zoo Visitor

A Siberian tiger went on a rampage at San Francisco Zoo in California and murdered a 17 year old boy who was visiting the zoo. The Teen, Carlos Sousa, sadly died after the attack. Police arrived at the zoo to find one man dead outside the tigers cage and two other victims where found badly

Shark Attack on Bondi Beach

Scott Wright, 34 was attacked by a shark on Australia’s Bondi Beach for the first time in over 70 years. He was swimming to the south of the beach on Friday late afternoon whilst a small shark attacked him, leaving him with deep wounds. Scott, a visitor from Tasmania, managed to make his way to

Monster Crocodile Suprise Attack

Novon Mashiah, the fisherman seen in the below photo almost became a tasty meal for a monstrous friend lurking below the waters, whilst he took a trip on a river east of Darwin, Australia, and a massive saltwater crocodile jumped out of the water after he pointed at it. The crocodile who was thought to

Pygmy Hippopotamus Snapped in Sierra Leone

An endangered kind of pygmy hippopotamus has been snapped on camera. One of the most cautious mammals on Earth, the pygmy hippo is hardly ever seen in the wild but was snapped in west Africa, in the country’s national park. The hippo, which resembles a smaller version of the hippopotamus, had been recognized by the