Month: January 2010

Yeti Crab

Discovered in just 2005, the Yeti Crab, or the Kiwa hirsuta is a crustacean which was first sighted in the South Pacific Ocean. The species was determined to be an entirely new genus and family (Kiwaidae). The animal has strongly eyes that lack pigment, is perhaps blind, science isn't yet certain.


The juvenile caiman eat insects, mollusks and small sea and water life such as crawfish and shrimp. The larger the caiman grows; it eats more small animals, birds and fish. Adult caiman feast on animals such as wild pigs and the meat eating piranha that inhabit the streams and rivers. Cannibalism has been observed when the climatic changes force changes in their food supply.


The features of the Siamang are very much like other monkeys or primates, but they have a throat sac that they use to "talk" to other Siamangs. This is very large and pink or gray in color. The sounds they make are close in nature to a barking sound, and as they speak the throat sac will begin to inflate to accommodate their speech...


The Cassowary may weigh as much as 120-140 pounds and be about six feet tall or a little less. The male and the female have the same essential look to them. They are black and cover them from their neck to their high quarters. They do not fly but the feathers do serve to protect them from the moisture and humidity of the rainforests where they live.