Darwin Frog

Physical Characteristics:
Green and brown or either one, the Darwins frog is about 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters long. The colors of the frog help to camouflage it as it hunts for its food but it is sometimes mistaken for a leaf and eaten by vegetarian animals as well as predators.

The front feet of this incredible frog are not webbed. Some of the back feet toes however are webbed instead. To stay safe the frog lies as flat as it can and pretends to be a dead leaf until the predators have all left the area when it is threatened.

Habitat and Location:
Darwins frog is native tothe streams and creeks inside the forests of Chile and Argentina. It is endangered primarily because of habitat loss.

darwin frog large Darwin Frog
The Darwin Frog
The Darwin Frog

Feeding: What They Eat
Like most frogs these Darwin frogs are carnivores and will eat flying and crawling insects of nearly any variety. The Darwin Frog will also eat arthropods.

Breeding Facts:
One of the most interesting things about the Darwin Frog aside from the way that it looks are the breeding facts. The female will lay about 30-40 eggs. The male, not the female will guard the eggs until they hatch, which takes about two weeks. Once they have hatched all the babies that have survived will be taken into his mouth.

He will literally raise the babies inside of his vocal pouch. He carries them around in the vocal pouch, the sagging skin under his chin while they feed on their own egg sacs and grow. He will continue to carry them until they are about a half inch long, then will permit them to hop out of his mouth and swim away on their own.

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