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22 Sea Creatures That Will Keep You Dry

Here’s something to keep in mind the next time you find yourself fancying a quick swim to cool down after a hot day on the beach… 22 sea creatures that are lurking below, sharing the same waters. Keep our advice… If it’s not chlorine, stay well away! #22 The Stargazer The stargazers are a family

8 Creatures That Outlive Humans

With the average human lifespan steadily increasing by generation there is going to be less animals outliving humans as time goes on. There have been numerous reports of cats living into their thirties, ants living for 15 years, elephants reaching 70 years of age but most of the time these are extreme cases and don’t

4 Silent Killers of the Natural World

Very often the most deadly and the most painful ways to lose your life to the creatures of the world are not the snakes, the crocodiles and the tigers that you might imagine. They are silent, deadly creatures that can bring with them an agonizing death that leaves you no time for the...

Echidna’s of Tasmania

Tasmania is one of Australia’s most remarkable environments and the echidna is one of Australia’s most remarkable native animals. Observing echidna’s whilst in Tasmania is indeed a remarkable experience. The Tasmanian Echidna was once considered a separate species but is now placed as a subspecies, Tachyglossus aculeatus setosus. This subspecies, found only in Tasmania, is

Highland Cattle

Found primarily in Scotland, the Highland cow has been established in many other countries since that time. They are now found in Canada, the United States and some other northerly countries since they are well suited for a very cold or cool climate.

Yeti Crab

Discovered in just 2005, the Yeti Crab, or the Kiwa hirsuta is a crustacean which was first sighted in the South Pacific Ocean. The species was determined to be an entirely new genus and family (Kiwaidae). The animal has strongly eyes that lack pigment, is perhaps blind, science isn't yet certain.

Darwin Frog

Green and brown or either one, the Darwins frog is about 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters long. The colors of the frog help to camouflage it as it hunts for its food but it is sometimes mistaken for a leaf and eaten by vegetarian animals as well as predators.


The juvenile caiman eat insects, mollusks and small sea and water life such as crawfish and shrimp. The larger the caiman grows; it eats more small animals, birds and fish. Adult caiman feast on animals such as wild pigs and the meat eating piranha that inhabit the streams and rivers. Cannibalism has been observed when


The features of the Siamang are very much like other monkeys or primates, but they have a throat sac that they use to "talk" to other Siamangs. This is very large and pink or gray in color. The sounds they make are close in nature to a barking sound, and as they speak the


The Cassowary may weigh as much as 120-140 pounds and be about six feet tall or a little less. The male and the female have the same essential look to them. They are black and cover them from their neck to their high quarters. They do not fly but the feathers do serve to protect

Poison Dart Frog

Species: Dendrobatidae Physical Characteristics Most kinds of the poison dart frog are quite small. They are under a half inch long, even as an adult, or about 1.5 centimetres. They usually weigh around 2 grams. Tiny but mighty; they contain poison that can kill a predator dead. Poison dart frogs are nearly all very bright

RedEyed Tree Frog

Physical Characteristics The RedEyed tree frog is a small frog that will not grow more than 3 to 4 centimetres in length. The females are larger than the males, and tend to be more dominant as well. This gorgeous guy is well known for the colors. It has bright red bulging eyes, orange feet and

Wallpaper of the Day

So i thought it would be a cool feature to add a free nature desktop wallpaper each day so everyone can keep their desktop backgrounds looking fresh, with some inspiration from the animal kingdom! If you have any suggestions or would like to send in your own photographs for the free desktop wallpaper of the