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Potty Patch

Official Website: Every one of us has had a dog that seemed nearly impossible to train. We don’t like to give up, but we’re certainly not willing to let it continue either. The dog needs to be trained to use an outside alternative or we’re going to end up shampooing carpets on a regular

Omega Pet Arch Groomer

Omega Pet Arch GroomerThe Arch Groomer Deluxe is an archway that contains a rather rubberlike substance that has an adorable mouse type base. The base is made of very tough plastice thats nearly impossible to break. The arch has a little somethign extra however. The arch has a sort of brushlike texture and on the

Cat Scratching Pad and Toy

Among the most interesting and amusing things on the market for your pet is this cat scratching pad that is combined with a ball chaser toy.  Not only well made, having had a cat rescue we can attest to the fact that this is a toy that no cat can resist. The Bergan Turbo Chaser

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion Pet insurance was designed by vets for vets and their clients. It is the one and only pet insurance that is recommended by Petco, the largest pet company in the world today. Trupanion Pet Insurance is one pet insurance that we’ve found with minimal problems which is also accepted by the customers who use

Traps Burmilla Cat Activity Centre

Everyone who has a cat knows how necessary it is to give them something to do. Particularly if you’re gone during the daytime, a restless bored cat can do more than damage your home, they can devastate it, as cat owners everywhere know. Our little friends can be less than delicate when it comes to

Imac Linus Carriers

Most of us like to be able to take our dog with  us when we go somewhere but what about in the car? when its safe to do so, of course the well behaved dog will be with us on the car seat but in higher traffic situations its not safe for you or for

PetiPaaws Pet Wellness Formula

PetiPaaws is a new product that contains resveratrol which is used to help humans to live longer fuller lives. It stands to reason that it might be useful to your pet to give them an extra few years of good health. Resveratrol is the substance that is found in red wine and in the skin

PetCareRx Pet Medication

Buying pet medicine can be extremely costly there is no doubt about that. Have you ever been hit with the high price of buying medicine for your pets. We all have, I’m sure. That’s why it’s easier and far cheaper to buy pet medicine online in most cases. Stores such as PetCare Rx and others

Pet Bounce Joint Relief

Our Rating: 9/10 Official Website: Pet Bounce As the two legged friend of your animals, its your hope to take the best care of your friend that you can. Just like you, as animals get older they tend to need more. Things like arthritis and join pain can rear their ugly heads and make

Cacomistle | Ringtail

Part of the family that the Raccoon belongs to, the Ringtail, also called a Cacomistle in some areas, is quite often called a Ringtail cat. It is not however a cat at all, but rather another family entirely and probably more closely related to the dog family than it is the cats, although it does

Screech Owl

The Screech owl is one of the smaller owls, standing just seven to ten inches tall when fully grown, but the noise that can emit from one of these tiny owls is nothing short of hair raising. They emit a short series of very mellow sounding hoots, rather like a wooden flute once in a

Red winged Blackbird

The Red-winged blackbird is a common site in the wetlands and farmlands across North America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and parts of Costa Rica. The red-winged blackbird migrates during the winter to southern climates. The male of the species, is a medium sized songbird ranging from seven to nine inches, with a tail of medium length


The Ermine is a small weasel-like creature that is about 7-9 inches long without his tail. He has a long, very thin body, and in summer his colors will be brown to dark brown with a white underbelly, while changing to all white fur in the winter time, with the exception of a small black