Omega Pet Arch Groomer

Omega Pet Arch Groomer
Omega Pet Arch Groomer
The Arch Groomer Deluxe is an archway that contains a rather rubberlike substance that has an adorable mouse type base. The base is made of very tough plastice thats nearly impossible to break.

The arch has a little somethign extra however. The arch has a sort of brushlike texture and on the inside of it are nibs that allow yiour cat to rub against it and have it remove hairs.

The cats seem to really like the nibs as well ast he feeling that they get from rubbing against the comb/brush substance to give the face of the cat a rather pleasant and soothing massage as well as removing loose hairs.

The Omega Pet Arch Groomer grooms your cat while he rubs his cheeks and features against it. As most of us know, cats tend to rub their features a lot and this little ticket seems to make them want to do so even more.

This brings them a great method for the massage and hair removal that leaves you hands free. The removal of hair keeps your clothing, furniture and floor more free of cat hair so you and yourpreciious pet have more time for fun and less time for cleanup.

The features of the Omega Pet Arch Groomer are impressive. Unbeatable tough plastic keeps the Omega Pet Arch groomer servicing your cats grooming needs for years. Pet supplies which offer a method of grooming that takes less time, leaves you less mess and costs under twenty dollars are few and far between.

– Hands freee method of grooming
– Massages
– Removes loose hair

The nubs are tough plastic mouse shaped base is catnip treated to keep your cat coming back.

Base has a scratch pad that is offering the cat a great place for scratching that keeps your furniture and carpets free of clawmarks. If you’re interested in learning more about the Omega Pet Arch Groomer or any of the other products that we feature you may contact us in the United Kingdom at

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