Month: September 2008

Cacomistle | Ringtail

Part of the family that the Raccoon belongs to, the Ringtail, also called a Cacomistle in some areas, is quite often called a Ringtail cat. It is not however a cat at all, but rather another family entirely and probably more closely related to the dog family than it is the cats, although it does

Screech Owl

The Screech owl is one of the smaller owls, standing just seven to ten inches tall when fully grown, but the noise that can emit from one of these tiny owls is nothing short of hair raising. They emit a short series of very mellow sounding hoots, rather like a wooden flute once in a

Red winged Blackbird

The Red-winged blackbird is a common site in the wetlands and farmlands across North America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and parts of Costa Rica. The red-winged blackbird migrates during the winter to southern climates. The male of the species, is a medium sized songbird ranging from seven to nine inches, with a tail of medium length


The Ermine is a small weasel-like creature that is about 7-9 inches long without his tail. He has a long, very thin body, and in summer his colors will be brown to dark brown with a white underbelly, while changing to all white fur in the winter time, with the exception of a small black

Eastern Mole

 Small and gray or brown, the Eastern mole has lovely velvety fur and a hairless tail. It can grow from about 4 to 7 inches long and  lives in the moist sandy soil, very rarely seen above ground.   The Eastern Mole has very thick claws for its size, that are helpful in its life burrowing

The Transparent Glass Frog

The glass frog is a common name for some of the frogs of a particular frog family. Generally their skin is green, although some may be white, however they have semi transparent skin that permits you to be able to view many of their internal organs, hence the name glass frog was coined. Green Glass

Blood Sucking Lamprey.

 The Lamprey, which is also sometimes called a lamprey eel is a fish of sorts, which is jawless and has a toothed funnel for a mouth that is built for sucking. Truly the Dracula of the deep, lampreys are well known for the fact that they attach to the flesh of other fish and suck

The Wicked Wolf Fish

 A face not even a mother could love is how the wolf fish has been described. The wolf fish, found usually in the colder waters of the European area will generally live at depths of about 300 feet or more, and is viewed as one of the most unattractive fishes alive today. A wolf fish

The Molas | Ocean Sunfish

The Molas is a large fish that is quite uncommon although probably not endangered. The Molas is seen only rarely and then usually in open seas. Also called the Ocean sunfish, The Molas can weigh up to 600 pounds and is in reality a giant sunfish of sorts. They are normally between four and 8


The gunnel is a fish that looks a great deal like an eel, with a long thin body, and a dorsal fin that is about two times as long as his anal fin. The Gunnel is about three to ten inches long, but can grow to be as much as 18 inches long. Gunnels are

Porcupine Fish

Porcupinefish are part of a family of fish that are called Diodontidae, and are quite often more commonly called the pufferfish, or the blow fish. Inflated Porcupine Fish They are not in reality pufferfish, but are related to them. The Porcupine fish sports on its body a wide array of spines that stand erect when

Parrot Fish

The Parrot fish never failes to thrill and impress the diver or snorkeler with his beauty and grace, but even if they are not impressed by the way in which he looks, they cannot fail to be impressed by the slow, stately graceful way in which he swims. Adult Parrot Fish Some of the largest

Timber Rattlesnake

Croatus Horridus, or the American Timber Rattler is a poisonous snake of the pit viper variety that is native to America. It is particularly common in areas of dense forests such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia as well as New York State. Timber Rattler The adult timber rattler is a wide broad snake that