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Amazing Rainbow Over Mount Everest

Amongst the majestic slopes of Mount Everest rest the most intense and powerful rainbow cloud ever witnessed at Mount Everest before. No one new just how incredible these rainbow clouds really were until the images of these clouds were revealed. Psychedelic rainbow over Mount Everest This is an event that is extremely rare to be

Rare Images of Life Below the Arctic Sea

Off the coasts of northwestern Russia, marine biologist Alexander Semenov has discovered varieties of beautiful species that have not been captured on film. Surprisingly, the freezing elements in this region are home to rare creatures. He has spent two years at the remote White Sea Biological Station in a harsh environment compiling his collection of

The Super Moon – Spectacle or Spectre?

There are cinematic moons and there are super moons. A cinematic moon is the one used frequently in film, depicting a massive, even monolithic moon hanging there on the silver screen; backdrop for romance, lycanthropy, and dramatic effect. The Super Moon is the real life version – looming around 14 percent larger and 30 percent

New Developments in Water Efficient Appliances

What if an individual’s contribution to conservation came with the benefit of speed cleaned laundry and sparkling dishes? Two new appliances are offering just that. Manufacturers Russell Hobbs and Bosch have each introduced eco- friendly, water saving devices- a high speed washing machine, and the world’s most water-efficient dishwasher. The turnaround time of laundry can

Medical Marijuana A Front to Trafficking

The line between lawful medical marijuana grower and potential narcotics trafficker just got a little hazier in Montana. After an 18 month investigation of statewide marijuana trafficking, the U. S. government raided facilities throughout the state. Don't grow this in Montana - you could soon be thrown into jail! Federal prosecutors claimed that the state’s

Giant Lobster Saved From Boiling Pot

A giant lobster is probably thankful for his claws after being saved from being boiled for dinner. As one of the biggest and oldest lobsters that anyone in Britain has caught, he will get to spend the rest of his life in the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Lindsay Holloway, who works for the

Huge Drought Struck 16,000 Years Ago

Have you ever wondered just how bad the climate can change within a world that is constantly getting hotter? The results would be absolutely staggering. These results come from the journal known as Science. With Curt Stager leading a professional team of international scientists, more than four dozen paleoclimate records were compiled. These records are