Amazing Rainbow Over Mount Everest

Amongst the majestic slopes of Mount Everest rest the most intense and powerful rainbow cloud ever witnessed at Mount Everest before. No one new just how incredible these rainbow clouds really were until the images of these clouds were revealed.

Psychedelic rainbow over Mount Everest
Psychedelic rainbow over Mount Everest

This is an event that is extremely rare to be seen among these mountains, yet one photographer, Oleg Bartunov, managed to be in the perfect place and the perfect time. Many others had visited Mount Everest, but none had been as lucky to be here at the same as Bartunov.

It is said that this marvel is created from tiny ice crystals that are found within the center of these clouds. Light from the sun reflects off of each and every ice crystal causing a rainbow effect. It just so happens that the sun and the clouds were aligned at exactly the right spot for this effect to occur.

Bartunov, himself, was so amazed by the lucid rainbow clouds that he only snapped a few shots before relaxing and taking in every detail of the clouds beauty. He wanted to experience the beauty and magic of these rainbow clouds for himself and by the looks of these astonishing pictures, he was definitely able to.

Later, Bartunov went throughout the town asking if anyone had ever seen this event before. To his surprise, many of the locals had never witnessed a sight such as this. It is assumed that this is an extremely rare event for anyone to witness and to have the chance to see this first hand is truly awakening experience.

This truly shows just how wonders of the earth can appear and vanish in the blink of an eye and how there are a lucky few who are graced to be able to see these magnificent marvels up close.


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