Tibetan Mastiff is the World’s Most Expensive Dog at $1.5 million

Who would have thought that a dog could ever get to cost almost one million pounds? As shocking as this is, it is true as the red Tibetan Mastiff named Hong Dong was purchased for one and a half million dollars. The price is simply amazing and it makes you wonder why that dog is incredibly expensive. Here is the story of Hong Dong and his jaw-dropping price.

The Tibetan Mastiff goes back in ancient times as it is a very old breed. This species lives quite a long life (up to fourteen years, but there are some dogs known to have reached twenty). Hong Dong is a specimen of this breed and he looks like a huge plush toy which has just been washed and dried in a hurry. He can actually be compared to a funny looking lion. In English, his name means “big splash”, Hong Dong is 11 months old and his new master is a Chinese coal baron who paid 945,000 pounds to make him his pet. Hong Dong is actually the most expensive dog ever. The second most costly dog in the world is Red Lion, another Tibetan Mastiff, sold for 915,000 pounds last year.

The reason why Hong Dong is such an expensive dog is because dog experts consider him to be a perfect Tibetan Mastiff specimen which should be capable to command stud rewards of almost ten thousand pounds a go. A puppy belonging to the Tibetan Mastiff breed is sold in Great Britain for less than one hundred pounds, so the difference is enormous.

There are many people who choose dogs from this breed because they are said to be holy dogs. Apparently, these red giants are thought to actually represent the reincarnated spirits of nuns and monks and therefore are good dogs which bring good luck.

Tibetan Mastiffs are also considered to be ideal companions for children, but this however does not justify in any way the exorbitant price of the dog. The real reason why Tibetan Mastiffs have become so expensive is due to the fact that they are now some kind of a status symbol for the super-rich people in China. That is why the price of this dog has astronomically exploded.

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