Scottish Deerhound Kept a Secret in the Dog World

Scottish deerhounds were practically unknown until a five year old dog from this breed won the big prize at a New York Dog Show. The name of the winner is Hickory, who is a beautiful white and grey female who has brought this large yet gentle breed to the world’s attention.

Hickory, formally known by the name of GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, won her first top prize in 2007 during a North Carolina show and this year in February she managed to prove once more she is a champion.

This dog comes up trumps at the recent dog show in New York
This dog comes up trumps at the recent dog show in New York

Cecilia Dove, Hickory’s owner declared: “People kept telling me that we should not keep showing Hickory”. She went on: “But we couldn’t afford to do that on our own, our first son was in college and second son was starting college.”

Despite that, Sally Sweatt, a dog enthusiast from Minneapolis, Minnesota, offered her support and became the sponsor Hickory needed.

Here is what she said about this gentle dog: “To me, Hickory reminds (me) of the racehorse Secretariat when she moved.”

“There was such beauty, elegance and style to her. This dog is a one in a million dog. A dog like this doesn’t come in a lifetime,” Sweatt went on. “We’ll probably never see a dog like her again.”

Dove fell in love with deerhounds and decided to concentrate on them after her first choice, a Borzoi, died. Her decision was triggered by “their overall rugged beauty, gentleness and not being busy.”

After the impressive win at Westminster as well as several appearances in the Big Apple (Martha Stewart’s television show included), Hickory retired from competition. Back home, the champion was received by over 100 people who threw her a party in order to celebrate her winning the top prize. Now she is back at her Virginia farm with her animal friends, dogs and horses.

Hickory’s owner intends to breed her champion and has many requests for the champs’ puppies from far away countries. Dove’s secret to making champions is healthy food and daily exercising – or at least this is what she declared. Hickory’s handler at the show, Angela Lloyd, said this deerhound is “a well-kept gem in the dog world.”

“Lots of people don’t even know that this breed exists. It’s not a common breed but once you are around them, you don’t want to be without them,” Lloyd went on.
“They are quiet and gentle creatures. Their eyes talk to you. I absolutely love her,” she added very affectionately.


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