Rare Images of Life Below the Arctic Sea

Off the coasts of northwestern Russia, marine biologist Alexander Semenov has discovered varieties of beautiful species that have not been captured on film. Surprisingly, the freezing elements in this region are home to rare creatures. He has spent two years at the remote White Sea Biological Station in a harsh environment compiling his collection of rare images.

Some amazing creatures have been found under the Arctic Sea
Some amazing creatures have been found under the Arctic Sea

Beneath the Arctic Sea’s ice, Semenov has studied the distinct differences between the local species and their cousins, who have evolved separately. These exotic fauna do not share much likeness with anything the researcher has seen before. The creatures in White Sea were completely foreign, but they were quite unique and amazing creatures.

Because he was diving in places that are difficult for most to reach, there are few specialists who have ever seen them. Along with that, the creatures are so tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye and require special equipment to get close-up portraits.

He believes, though, that the location of the educational and research centre is ideal in order to study the marine environment. It is twelve miles out of the nearest village with no road connecting it. It is only possible to communicate with them via boat during the summer months and by snow mobile during the winter months.

During his time, he has photographed many different species. This includes relatives to coral and sea anemones called Hydrozoans, amphipod crustaceans, a marine worm known as the polychaetes, ragworms, skeleton shrimp, a shell-less mollusc called a nudibranch, a predatory snail named the Sea Butterfly, and a sea slug known as the Sea Angel.

Continuing to photograph these creatures, Semenov believes that they are so unusual and bright that they make you want to learn more about how they live, what they do to survive, and explore their environment.

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