UFO’s sighted over Mt Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan, has had some UFO sightings. The last one to have been seen was in September of 2010. As you look at the video (see below), you can see that there are similar clouds in the skies, both in size and in shape. It was suggested that the UFOs were having some trouble cloaking which made the UFO visible for a short time.

Cloaking is when a UFO tries to hide in its surroundings: in the sunrise or sunset time due to the changing light. Many unidentified objects are having difficulty with this and that is causing the death of birds and other animals in huge amounts. Another pattern besides the changing light seems to be if the UFO is around a volcano. Dozens of UFOs were flying in V formation over a volcano in Ireland.

Scenery photographer, Takubo Masato, 67, of Funabashi, Chiba, took the photos over Mount Fuji on January 7. He said he saw a group of flying objects in his lens, but thought they were swans. He got home, magnified the picture, and saw that the picture was all in the shape of hemispheres and was reflecting silver light. Masato sent his pictures to a UFO expert, Yaoi Junichi. Yaoi said the objects look like a fleet of UFOs because in comparison to Mount Fuji the objects were clearly much bigger than birds.

The Mutual UFO Network MUFON believes that there are many more alien visitations than there used to be. In fact, thousands of sightings have been documented by WikiLeaks, according to Julian Assange, and these sightings have all been associated with the deaths of birds, fish, sea lions, and other wildlife around the world. WikiLeaks also says that these documents “have never seen the light of day”, and that interests MUFON very much.

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