The Transparent Glass Frog

The glass frog is a common name for some of the frogs of a particular frog family.
Generally their skin is green, although some may be white, however they have semi transparent skin that permits you to be able to view many of their internal organs, hence the name glass frog was coined.

Green Glass Frog
Green Glass Frog

In most cases, you can see the liver, heart, digestive tract and sometimes the lungs of the glass frog due to the translucent characteristics of the skin.
The glass frogs only are seen on the continent of America, in the tropical region. They can be confusing, looking a great deal like tree frogs and unless you view them closely this is what you assume that you’ve seen.

light colored, almost white glass frog
light colored, almost white glass frog

There are a few other differences, such as the tree frog has their eyes sideways, while the glass frogs eyes are aimed forward, and the skin of the tree frog will not be transparent in any way.

The glass frogs will also deposit their eggs on trees or shrubbery that hangs over the water of creeks, streams or smalle rrivers, or on stones near them.
This is not the norm for frogs, however is specific to this species.

Eggs are in this way not normally bothered by the predators that take them in the water, however they are sometimes at risk for parasites who lay their eggs in the frogs egg, so some types of frogs will offer some level of parental care of the eggs.

Once the tadpoles hatch they will fall into the water below them. The tadpoles are very long, and have powerful whiplike tails, actual fins which let them be well able to move in swiftly flowing water.
During the non-breeding seasons some species will choose to live in the rain forest canopies


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