Road Refresher No Spill Water Bowl

Most of us love taking our dog along with us on the road. A road trip with your best friend can be a lot more fun than taking it alone but the truth is that there can be problems when you take them with you. One of those thins is the need to give them adequate liquid and keep them well hydrated but of course you don’t want that water all over the floor of your car instead of inside your pooch where it’s meant to be.

We think we may have found a solution for those of us who like taking the dog on the road, to go hiking or boating or kayaking. The site was Pet Supermarket and the item is called the Road Refresher no spill pet traveling bowl.

Road Refresher No Spill Water Bowl
Road Refresher No Spill Water Bowl

Its a bowl that travels with you and lets your pet drink. You can fill it with water and leave it quite securely in the car. This gives your furry friend access to his water all the time, where-ever you go and you don’t have to take up the bowl to prevent a spill. Its a really unusual and  unique system that impressed those of us who saw it and used it.

How Does It Work

There is a small plate inside the bowl that floats around. It feeds thorough just enough water that your pet can drink to get refreshed but it keeps spills from taking place in a fairly unique way. It lets enough water in for your dog or cat to drink when they need to,  yet if you brake, stop, corner or what have you, the plate keeps a water surge from taking place so that the bowl can’t spill across your floor mats or carpet of the car.

Road Refresher
Road Refresher
These worked equally well for us in the home. Having several cats who love to lunge and play, they come with a velcro base so that they will affix to the carpet. We laid down a small square of rug, adhered the bowl to it and when kitty comes sliding into home plate, the bowl doesn’t douse the floor with water for half acre.

The Road Freshener holds about half gallon or 1.4 liters and comes in either silver or black. They guarantee it to be good and we like it.

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