Highland Cattle

Physical Characteristics:
The Highland Cow, or kyloe as they are known are a very ancient type of cow that have very long horns and very thick hair covering their entire bodies. They are black, red, and dun, yellow or may even be brindle colored.

They are stocky but leaner than most normal cows since their very thick curly hair keeps them much warmer than other cows and they don’t require the fatty layer to assure their heat.

Habitat and Location:
Found primarily in Scotland, the Highland cow has been established in many other countries since that time. They are now found in Canada, the United States and some other northerly countries since they are well suited for a very cold or cool climate.

A fold of Highland Cattle
A fold of Highland Cattle
A fold of Highland Cattle

Highland cows may now be found most of the world over. Normally a group of cows or cattle is called a herd.

A group of Highland cows is known as a fold.

Very skilled in seeking out food in intemperate places, the Highland cow will eat things that many other cows will consistently avoid. They are herbivores, browsing in the relatively unfriendly Scot Highlands and other areas for food.

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