Yeti Crab

Physical Appearance:
Discovered in just 2005, the Yeti Crab, or the Kiwa hirsuta is a crustacean which was first sighted in the South Pacific Ocean. The species was determined to be an entirely new genus and family (Kiwaidae). The animal has strongly eyes that lack pigment, is perhaps blind, science isn’t yet certain.

It has hair-like similarities on its arms and pinchers and those are believed to be bacteria filters of some type. They are well noted for the blonde silky hair that covers them to some degree.

The ‘hairy’ pincers contain filamentous bacteria, which science thinks helps the animal to detox the poisons that are in the water where it lives. The Yeti Crab is about six inches long.

Habitat and Location:
South Pacific Ocean is the only place where this animal has been found to date, in deeper waters. It was discovered using a submarine.

Yeti Crab
Yeti Crab
Yeti Crab

What it Eats:
Since the Yeti Crab is so new to us, no one is entirely sure what it eats. It may eat bacteria and other things but is also believed to be a general carnivore Its diet also would most likely be partly smaller shrimp and algae.

No Information is yet known for the Yeti Crab.


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