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Lemurs are primates that are endemic to Madagascar island. They are named after the ghosts or spirits called lemurs in Roman mythology because of its reflective eyes, ghostly vocalisations, and nocturnal habitats of certain lemur species. A red ruffed lemur lazing around The lemurs are travellers which arrived on Madagascar island approximately 62 to 65

Silky Sifaka

One of the largest lemurs in the world is the Silky Sifaka. It is characterised by its long and silky white fur. It is native to north-eastern Madagascar, where is it known by the locals as ‘simpona’. It is also one of the rarest mammals on earth, and it is listed by the International Union

Ruffed Lemur

Ruffed lemurs are the largest extant lemurs within the Lemuridae family. Like all other living lemurs, they are endemic to Madagascar. There are two species of ruffed lemurs that are now recognised – the black and white ruffed lemur and its 3 subspecies, as well as the red ruffed lemur. Black and White Lemur Ruffed


The Binturong, also known as the Bearcat, lives in forests from Himalayas to the Philippines. For their stature and walking, these animal has obtained the interesting nickname – Bearcat, because it truly seems that they have characteristics of both the animals. Binturongs are fairly large in size, reaching 61-97 in length, with a 56-89 cm

Edible Dormouse

It’s not often that an animal is named “edible”, and although it may seem rather barbaric, the truth is that in Ancient Rome these Dormice were deliberately bred in special farms, and when a celebration was coming near, they were fed with acorns and chestnuts and then served as a delicacy. Nowadays, this animal, also

Ring-tailed Lemur

The Ring-tailed Lemur has obtained its name for the long, fluffy tail with black and white stripes. They are one of the lemur species endemic to Madagascar, which means only there do they live in the wild. They are very interesting animals, and as many natives know, they can emit a variety of sounds –

Common Dormouse

The Common Dormouse is a nocturnal predator. This animal spends the night in a tree cavity, thick bushes or a nest. These small mammals inhabit deciduous and mixed type forests in all parts of Europe, except Ireland, Finland and the Iberian Peninsula. Common Dormice were often mistaken to be a small squirrel – the animal

Geoffroy’s Tamarin

Also known as the Panamanian, Red-crested or Rufous-naped Tamarin, the Geoffroy’s Tamarin is a black and white tamarin species with a reddish nape. Geoffroy’s Tamarin is found in Panama and Colombia, and some researchers treat it as a subspecies to the cottontop tamarin. However, research actually indicates that they are two different species of animals.

Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey

Also known as the black-handed spider monkey, Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey originates from parts of Mexico and possibly Colombia. There are 5 subspecies of Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey and some primatologists actually classify the black-headed spider monkey as the same species as Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey. Look up! The 5 recognised subspecies of this monkey are: Nicaraguan Spider

Red-faced Spider Monkey

The Red-faced spider monkey, also known as the Guiana spider monkey, is found in the northern areas of South America in Brazil to Guyana, as well as French Guiana. Its name comes from its striking appearance, as this black spider monkey has a glossy black coat, black face, and pink muzzle. A red-faced spider monkey

Black-headed Spider Monkey

The black-headed spider monkey is a type of monkey found in Panama, Columbia, and Ecuador. There are 2 subspecies of the black-headed spider monkey: Ateles fusciceps fusciceps – Ecuador Ateles fusciceps rufiventris – southwest Colombia to eastern Panama Curious black-headed spider monkey The Ateles fusciceps fusciceps from Ecuador lives in tropical and subtropical forests that

Cotton-Top Tamarin

Also known as the Pinche Tamarin, the Cottontop Tamarin is a small monkey from South America. It is so light, that this little creature weighs a mere 500 grams! It lives around the edges of tropical rainforests as well as secondary forests. This little creature weighs only 500 grams! This species of tamarins are about

Spider Monkey

Spider monkeys are found in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. There are 7 types of spider monkeys in the world. Their name derives from their disproportionate long limbs and long tail, which makes them one of the largest monkeys in this region. In fact, their long tail becomes like a 5th hand!

Brushtail Possum

The Brushtail Possum is one of the most widely known Australian marsupials, that is – a mammal with a pouch. Initially, they lived only in Australia, but in 1858 they were also introduced to New Zealand, where their numbers have grown to 25 million. These small mammals live in the trees and in the past

Cottontop Tamarin

Cottontail Tamarins have a very unusual appearance, as well as an extremely good abilities to adapt to living in captivity, which is why these animals have become very popular for holding in zoos. The animal’s Latin name (Oedipus) means “on swollen legs” refers to the tamarin’s long, woolly extremities. These tamarins are fairly small, their