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Chambered Nautilus

Chambered Nautilus also known as the Emperor Nautilus is one of the oldest species of cephalopods on Earth. This highly developed sea snail has survived for more than 550 million years. The word “Nautilus” means “sailor” in Greek and these creatures are found in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Nautiluses lead a different

European Lobster

Lobsters are an ancient animal species and fossils dating an age of about 200 million years have been found. They are crustaceans with incredibly strong claws, able to cut through most sea animal shells. These animals have been hunted since the beginning of history for their delicious meat, and there are stories of European Lobsters

Cabbage Butterfly

The Cabbage Butterfly, also known as the Cabbage White or simply the Large White is one of the most widespread butterflies in Europe. They are not, however, welcome guests in gardens, because the butterfly’s caterpillars feast on a variety of cabbage species. This species is common in all parts of Europe less than 2000 metres

Barnacle Goose

Barnacle Geese are one of the toughest birds, nesting beyond the Polar circle, and spending the winter in medium tempered areas. There’s an interesting theory about where the species’ name comes from – in the medieval times, the sudden appearance of these geese in winter made foundations to the myth that they are the next

Crested Lark

The Crested Lark can easily be recognized by the prominent crest on the head. If aroused, the bird raises the crest. These small birds have a rather untidy and not very colourful appearance, but they have a beautiful song. No matter how tired, the Crested Lark will always be able to sing, emitting a variety

Alpine Marmot

The Alpine Marmot is a muscular rodent of the squirrel family, who spends most of its life underground. These small creatures can dig a cave earth so solid,  that a human with a pickaxe would have trouble doing the same. These small mammals inhabit territories mostly in the central and western part of the Alps,

Cattle Egret

The Cattle Egret has obtained its name by being often guests in pastures and other places near large herds of cattle, where the birds feed on small creatures that try to run from the cattle herds. This species differs from other Egrets in both appearance and behaviour. The Cattle Egret looks for food in meadows,

Minke Whale

Minke Whale is the smallest of baleen whales. This species is widespread all around the world, ranging from the polar waters to the tropical seas. What made this animal rather famous, was probably the TV show “Whale Wars”, where environmental activists fought against Japanese whale hunters. It should, however, be noted that Minke Whales are

Bush Dog

The South American Bush Dog has adapted to living in a variety of environmental types. This animal can be seen in tropical and mountain forests, meadows and even desolate bushy areas. Their area of distribution is the Northern part of South America – Panama, Venezuela and Colombia, and there’s also a separate population in the

Collared Dove

The Collared Dove is one of the birds that with the use of adaptation skills, has spread its range of distribution over the last few hundred years. Nowadays, these birds live in almost all parts of Europe and Asia, staying mostly near human inhabited areas. This bird is average-sized, reaching a length of 30-33 cm,


The Binturong, also known as the Bearcat, lives in forests from Himalayas to the Philippines. For their stature and walking, these animal has obtained the interesting nickname – Bearcat, because it truly seems that they have characteristics of both the animals. Binturongs are fairly large in size, reaching 61-97 in length, with a 56-89 cm

Dor Beetle

The Dor Beetle feeds on organic matter, left behind by large herbivores. Without this bug, the world would have turned into a large pile of feces a long time ago. The Dor Beetle is a relative to the scarab, which Egyptians believed to be sacred and is still an icon in many Egyptian cults. This

Army Ant

For most people the Army Ant colonies seem dangerous. Hundreds of thousands ants that hunt and move all in one group can surely seem impressive, but they are not dangerous to humans, if not provoked. These ants inhabit territories ranging from south Mexico down to the tropical regions of South Africa. Unlike most ants, this

Edible Dormouse

It’s not often that an animal is named “edible”, and although it may seem rather barbaric, the truth is that in Ancient Rome these Dormice were deliberately bred in special farms, and when a celebration was coming near, they were fed with acorns and chestnuts and then served as a delicacy. Nowadays, this animal, also

Ring-tailed Lemur

The Ring-tailed Lemur has obtained its name for the long, fluffy tail with black and white stripes. They are one of the lemur species endemic to Madagascar, which means only there do they live in the wild. They are very interesting animals, and as many natives know, they can emit a variety of sounds –