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10 Examples of Nature Getting it Wrong

For all the amazing and beautiful creations nature provides us with there are always going to be the less attractive of specimens, that’s fine because that’s how nature intended them. Well, these examples are certainly not how nature intended them. Proof that even nature can get it wrong! 10 – Two Headed Kitten 9 –

10 Strange Breeds of Cat

The art of breeding cats is certainly much loved and has occurred across the world for thousands of years producing some of our most loved breeds today. There are in fact a number of breeds in existence today that have been created for different reasons, most of which posses unique talents, behavior patterns and physical

10 Amazing Places On Earth

Over the years nature has done a fine job of creating wonderful and exciting spectacles all over the planet for the likely adventurer to discover and explore. This is a list of ten of our favorite places on earth that are a truly amazing sight to see (so what if one got a helping hand

10 Worst Natural Disasters

Nature is a beautiful thing, just choose any article on this site and you’ll find countless reasons to back it up. Nature however can be very deadly. With this list we explore the darker side of nature and the tragedy nature has inflicted upon humanity in recent years. The Aleppo Earthquake Syria, 1138. Death toll:

10 Elusive American Animals

America is well known for fantastic, diverse wildlife with specimens like the large powerful Bison and the legendary Bald Eagle. There are however a number of animals that are just as amazing but unfortunately less well known and less appreciated. Maybe you live in America yourself? Have you heard of these 10 wonderful animals native

10 Worlds Most Bizarre Creatures

Check out our top 10 most bizarre creatures from around the world. Forget cats, dogs, lions and bears, mother nature must have really indulged in her creative side when it came to these weird and wonderful beasties! Hairy Crab Wouldn’t it be great if you could detoxify the air around you, removing pollution and poisons?

9 Animals That Saved Human Lives

We have spoken about how dangerous some animals can be and even made a top 10 Deceptively Dangerous Animals, but what about animals that are the opposite? This list is about 10 animals that are true heroes, saving the lives of humans from animals and humankind alike. Some of these are better known than others

Labrador Duck

The Labrador Duck is a duck of many names often referred to as the ‘pied duck’ or ‘skunk duck’ because of its contrasting black and white appearance. Not a great deal is known about the now extinct Labrador Duck, however it is believed that the species died out some time in the 1870’s. The last

Pink-headed Duck

The Pink-headed Duck was a large diving duck that id now feared to be extinct. Once thriving throughout India, the swamps of Myanmar and Bangladesh the Pink-headed Duck has not been seen since the 1950’s even though numerous expeditions have taken place to locate the species. Despite the lack of sightings the Pink-headed Duck is

Falkland Islands Wolf

The Falkland Islands Wolf also known as the Antarctic Wolf was the only land mammal native to the Falkland Islands. Although the name ‘Falkland Islands Wolf’ suggests a mammal similar to a wolf, research that took place in 2009 has proven the Falkland Islands Wolf to be closer genetically to a fox and specifically the

Javan Tiger

The Javan Tiger is the middle sized tiger species that made its home in the Indonesian islands. Larger than the Bali Tiger yet smaller than the Sumatran Tiger the Javan Tiger as the name suggests lived on the island of Java up until its extinction which occurred some time in the 1980’s. The Javan Tiger

Crested Shelduck

The Crested Shelduck is an elusive species of bird that belongs to the Anatidae family. Very little is actually known about the Crested Shelduck which is mostly down to very limited observations of the species and although currently listed as critically endangered many believe that the Crested Shelduck may be extinct. The only reason that

Mariana Mallard

The Mariana Mallard is an extinct species of mallard that lived only on the Mariana Islands. The Mariana Mallard is classed as part of the Anas genus however its taxodermic status is open to debate. Over the years debates have ranged about the Mariana Mallard with some claiming the Mariana Mallard as a subspecies of


The Aurochs was a species of massive cattle that stood around 6.6 feet tall and was found across Asia, North Africa and Europe. Now extinct, the Aurochs is the common ancestor of today’s domestic cattle and was a prominent symbol in in range of independently diverse cultures. Depicted in cave paintings all over the world


The Tarpan which is the name in Turkish language meaning “Wild Horse” is a now extinct subspecies of wild horse that was found throughout Poland and Russia. The photograph included in this article is the only known photo of a live Tarpan. The photo was published in 1884, 15 years before the last Tarpan held