Month: May 2008

Fit As A Goldfish?

A man in California has trained his pet goldfish to play basketball, football and even limbo under a bar! This amazing man is Dr Dean Pomerleau. He has taught his pet goldfish by the name of Comet these tricks through a method called positive reinforcement. Dr Pomerleau stated ‘With the promise of some food and the right tools, it

Secrets Of The Platypus Revealed

Scientists have recently reported that they have finally cracked and analysed the genome of the mysterious Duck-billed Platypus, and discovered that the Platypus, although a mammal, actually has genetic ties to both reptiles and birds. Deciphering the Platypus genome has been a goal for biologists for a long time as it is believed that they Platypus genome

Tasty Squirrel Treat!

David Simpson, a butcher in Fraddon, Cornwall, has a new treat on the menu. Squirrel Pasties. According to David ‘People like the fact it is wild meat, low in fat and local.’ The squirrel meat and pasties in general have gone down a storm at his shop. David says hes managed to get 60 squirrels

Kinkajou On The Loose!

A Kinkajou, or otherwise known as a Honey Badger escaped from the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City, before going for a hour long ride on public transport. Apparently the Kinkajou spent most of the journey upfront with the bus driver and was swinging from the support railings. When the driver tried to grab

Bear On Patrol

A Black Bear has been spotted patrolling the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Authorities at the prison are taking a laid back attitude to the ‘Extra layer of security’ as they believe this will help deter convicts who may have been planning an escape. The bear, weighing over 400-lb was fist sighted walking around the centre on the prison which