Tasty Squirrel Treat!

David Simpson, a butcher in Fraddon, Cornwall, has a new treat on the menu.

Squirrel Pasties.

According to David ‘People like the fact it is wild meat, low in fat and local.’ The squirrel meat and pasties in general have gone down a storm at his shop. David says hes managed to get 60 squirrels so far and all his stock has sold out.

The grey squirrel meat is said to be moist and sweet thanks to a diet of nuts and berries, the meat has been likened to wild boar or duck meat. Other recipes include, southern fried squirrel, Tandoori style squirrel and squirrel served with Cornish cream and walnuts.

The species of Squirrel native to England is actually the Red Squirrel but is currently being pushed out by the Grey Squirrel. Killing the Grey Squirrel for food could help control their numbers and bring the Red Squirrel back.


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