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Common Rudd

A bentho-pelagic freshwater fish that is commonly found in Europe and middle Asia is the common rudd, also known as Scardinius erythropthalmus. This fish can be found all around the basins of the Aral, Caspain, Black, Baltic, and North Seas. It has also been introduced into Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Tunisia, Madagascar, Morocco, the USA,


The Marlin is a fish that is famous for its elongate body, its long rigid dorsal fin which almost forms a crest, and its spear-like bill. Its common name is thought to be derived from a sailor’s marlinspike. These animals are very fast swimmers which reach speeds of up to 110 km per hour. A

Goldband fusilier

Also known as the Blacktipped fusilier, the Goldband fusilier belongs to the genus Pterocaesio. This fish is a forager which can be found in tropical reefs, between the latiitudes of 30°N and 27°S and between the longitudes of 40°E to 157°E. In other words, it can be found around reefs in the west Pacific Ocean,

Silky Shark

The silky shark is a type of requiem shark that is named after its silky smooth skin texture. It is one of the most abundant pelagic sharks in the world that can be found in tropical waters. This shark was first described and published by the Johannes Muller and Jakob Henle in 1839. These German

Pallid sturgeon

The Pallid sturgeon is a species of ray-finned fish which is endemic to the waters of the Missouri and the lower Mississippi River basins in the USA. It is an endangered species, which is named after its pale color. It is closely related to its more common cousin, the shovelnose sturgeon. The differences between these

Oceanic whitetip shark

The oceanic whitetip shark is a large pelagic shark that lives in tropical and warm temperate seas. This shark goes by many common names in English, such as brown shark, whitetip shark, nigano shark, whitetip whaler, and Brown Milbert’s sand bar shark. It was first described by the Naturalist, René-Primevère Lesson in Louis Dupprey’s world


Also known as the offshore hake, the haddock is a marine fish found in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is a very popular fish which is caught for commercial purposes. The haddock can be easily recognised by its black lateral line that runs on its white side. It also has a distinctive dark mark above


Forming the Gobiidae family, gobies are one of the largest fish families with more than 2,000 species in 200 genera. Despite its massive family size, they are actually rather small in size as most are less than 10 cm long. Some goby members also are the smallest vertebrates in the world, such as the Pandaka

Yellow Tang

One of the most popular aquarium fish in the world is the yellow tang. It is a type of saltwater fish species that comes from the surgeonfish family. They are commonly found in shallow coral reefs, between 2 to 46 metres deep in the Indian Oceans and Pacific Oceans, ranging from eastern Japan to western

Humphead Wrasse

Also known as the Maori wrasse, Napoleonfish, So Mei, Mameng, or Napoleon wrasse; the humphead wrasse is found mainly in the coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. It is the largest living member of the Labridae family, as males reach up to 2 metres long and females can grow up to 1 metre long. However,


Wrasses is a large family that belongs to the Labridae type of marine fish. There are one of the largest marine fish families, with 500 species in 60 genera. They are famous for their bright colours. It was first described by Cuvier in 1816. The name, wrasse, derives from the Welsh word of ‘gwrach’, which

Antarctic Cod

Also known as the Antarctic toothfish, the Antarctic cod is famous for many reasons. One of which, is that its name is actually a misnomer as it actually is not even related to a cod, as it is not even in the same order. In fact, it it is more closely related to the Patagonian

Largemouth Bass

One of the most well known members of the sunfish family that is native to North America is the largemouth bass. Also known as a black bass, bigmouth, widemouth bass, bucketmout, Florida largemouth, green bass, Florida bass, green trout, Oswego bass, linesides, southern largemouth, and northern largemouth; it is the state fish of Alabama, Georgia,

Australian Bass

The Australian bass is a highly predatory native fish found in streams along the east coast of Australia. As an iconic fish, they are extremely popular among anglers as they respond to all methods of angling. They are also known as the local’s answer to trout. The Australian bass are often found far upstream in


Nishikigoi, also known as just “koi” in English, is a domesticated type of brocaded carp. Also known as the Japanese carp, they are kept for decorative purposes, as they add life and colour to water gardens or outdoor koi ponds. There are many varieties of Japanese carps, which can be distinguished by the colours or