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Oarfish are elongated forms of pelagic lampriform fish. It is rarely seen, but it is found in temperate to tropical oceans. There are 4 species in the oarfish family in 2 genera. One of these dubbed the king of herrings (Regalecus glesne) is in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the longest bony


The Synanceia, also known as part of the Stonefish family, are members of the Synanceiidae family whose members are dangerous, venomous, and fatal to humans. In fact, it is considered the most venomous fish in the entire world! A Synanceia Verrucosa There are 5 different types of fish in the Synanceia genus. They are: Synanceia


Deep under the tropical ocean in between the reefs, many triggerfishes can be found. They inhabit the deep ocean of the Indo-Pacific. Normally recognized for their brightly color features with lines and spots. They are small in size almost from 20-50 centimeters but they are some almost as big as 1 meter in length. Triggerfish

Titan Triggerfish

The Titan Triggerfish, also known as a giant or moustache triggerfish, is a large species of triggerfish that are commonly found in the reefs and lagoons of the Indo-Pacfic, although it is absent in Hawaii. It is 75cm (30 in.) long, it is the largest triggerfish in its range. Only the stone triggerfish which is

Macquarie Perch

The Macquarie Perch is a freshwater fish that is native to Australia and found in the Murray-Darling river system. Although it is found predominantly in the Murray-Darling river, its name is derived from the Macquarie River where the specimen was first collected. The Macquarie Perch is native to Australia They are medium-sized fish that are

Lemon Shark

The Lemon Shark has obtained its name thanks to the yellowish brown colour of the body. It’s also one of the most observed and known sharks, and it’s very easy to breed them in captivity. In the USA these sharks are used to research the impact of drugs and other substances on hearth activity, vision

European Flounder

The European Flounder is possibly one of the most common food fish. This fish has a flattened and disproportionate body. Although the Flounder is very well adapted to living in seas, it also spends a lot of time in freshwater. This species is widespread in the Scandinavian, middle European and Mediterranean seas, as well as

Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic salmon is amongst one of the most beautiful fish in the world, and is also known as a great fighter in the fishing industry. In America, the Atlantic Salmon is considered a symbol of clean and unspoiled waters where the wish swim into the ocean. It can be found in the northern Atlantic


Salmon are widely known as species of the family Salmonidae. They live along the coasts of Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean. Salmon are also called as anadromous as they spend most of their lifetime in the ocean and will only return to fresh water to spawn. Chinook salmon Freshwater streams supply important natural

Southern Black Bream

Also known as the blue-nosed bream, southern bream, or black bream, the southern black bream is a type of freshwater fish that is endemic to Australia. They can be found from Western Australia, as well as the east coasts of Australia in Victoria and Tasmania. As a result, they are also known as the Perth

Chinook Salmon

The Chinook salmon is the largest anadromous species in the salmonidae family. The Chinook salmon is a Pacific Ocean salmon and variously known as the king salmon, blackmouth, black salmon, Columbia River salmon, chub salmon, tyee salmon, hook bill salmon, spring salmon, winter salmon, and Quinnat salmon. It is highly valued due to its relative

Northern Pike

Northern Pike or simply Pike (Esox Lucius) is perhaps one of the most widely hunted fish in the world. For its masterful ambushes it has obtained the nickname “freshwater shark”. Their range of distribution goes through most parts of Europe, stretching as far east as the Pacific Ocean, as well as parts of North America.

Red Lionfish

The Red Lionfish is a deceptive creature – the beautiful, colourful fins cover stings coated with venom and despite their overall impressive appearance, the Lionfish are in fact ruthless hunters. People who live near waters where this fish is seen, consider it a very dangerous sea creature and will avoid it at all costs. Although

Chum Salmon

The chum salmon, also known as the dog salmon or the keta salmon, is a Pacific type of salmon that is marketed as a Silverbrite salmon. Its name is derived from the Chinook jargon word for ‘spotted’ or ‘marked’ which is tzum, while the keta part in its latin name is from the Evenki language

Coho Salmon

Also known as the silver salmon or “silvers”, the coho salmon is an anadromous fish in the salmon family. Its name is from the Russian кижуч (kizhuch) and is also the state animal of Chiba, Japan. The traditional range of the coho salmon is around the North Pacific Ocean. This means it ranges from the