Category: Fish

Bull Shark

Bull Sharks are known by many other names, among them Cub Shark and Nicaragua Shark. They have a very stout body and a broad short face and snout. Their eyes are very small in comparison to their bodies and they boast a pointed typical dorsal fin. The upper part of their bodies is pale gray,

Lizard Fish

The Lizard fish is a smaller predator fish that lives in the depths of the water. They are found throughout the world. The Lizard Fish has a very short dorsal fin, a small fatty second dorsal fin and a caudal fin which bursts a very deep fork in it. Lizard Fish It has a large

Black Dragonfish

A Black Dragonfish is a very long, very thin fish that lives in deep water and will go as low in the water as about 2 thousand feet. They are at home in the depths of the ocean and will spend their entire lives there, without surfacing much closer than a thousand feet below the

Nurse Shark

The nurse shark is a large and very sluggish shark that lives on the bottom of the ocean. Usually Nurse Sharks are harmless, unless they are provoked to anger. Nurse sharks have extremely strong jaws and a very wide head with barbells protruding from it. (A barbell is a whisker looking protrusion that is made

Whale Shark

The Whale shark is a very slow, filter feeding shark. Sometimes these are also called suspension feeders. This means that they strain food from the water through some special physical structure, an example of this is the brushlike teeth, called baleen, of the baleen whales. Some other animals that use this method of obtaining food


Known as the living fossil, the coelacanth was thought to be extinct for many thousands of years. Then amazingly, one appeared alive. The ancestors of this fish date to the dinosaur era several million years ago and it was thought that all that we would ever see of it were fossils, which appeared many years

Sea Dragon

Contrary to popular myth, sea dragons are not a species of sea horse. They are found only in Australian waters and although they belong to the same family as sea horses they are a distinct species. They do not have a pouch for their babies, and the male sea dragon carries them instead on is


Tropical rays, which are in some circles thought to be related to sharks, Sawfish are found in rivers, lacks and places here saltwater will be mixed with fresh water in Australia. Sawfish have a very flat body, with a long flat snout that has given them the nick name, sharks with swords. Sawfish Sawfish have

Tiger Shark

The tiger shark, which is a night hunter has a reputation for eating anything in its path, little caring if it is nutritional or not. Tiger sharks are known to be very aggressive. They have an ability to pick up pressure waves that help him to move toward an animal in even the darkest sater.


The great barracuda is a fierce looking predator that lives and hunts primarily alone. He is a curious fish, and is very common to the shallow waters in Florida. He is very distinct in his shape and body due to the elongated torpedo-like torso and very large mouth. He has extremely long and sharp teeth