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Mediterranean Moray

The Mediterranean Moray is an eel of the large Moray family. It is also called the Roman Eel because it was a fine delicacy for the ancient Romans. These large eels, reaching up to 1.5 metres (5 feet) in length and up to 15 kilograms in weight, are on the higher part of the food

Great White Shark

The Great White Shark, also known as the Great White or White Death has obtained it’s dreadful reputation because of it’s striking appearance and massive size. Also, the novel and the film Jaws helped support this image of the Great White as a man-eating predator. In reality, the stories of this great sea creature hunting

Great Hammerhead Shark

The hammerhead sharks can be recognized by their flat hammer-shaped head, called cephalophoil.  The use of the cephalophoil is unknown, although scientists suggest it maximizes the area of the shark’s sensory organs. The Great Hammerhead Shark is the largest of the hammerhead sharks, reaching up to 6.1 metres in length and weighing up to 450

American Paddlefish

The American Paddlefish is an incredibly old species of fish, found only in the Mississippi River, therefore being also called the Mississippi Paddlefish. Being a fisherman’s feast for many years, their population is facing a decline. These 2 metre long and 50 kg heavy fish used to inhabit many large rivers and lakes in America, 


The Scorpionfish are part of the Scorpaenidae family and and primarily found in the colder regions of the worlds oceans. Although Scorpaenids populate most of oceans only a handful of different Scorpaenids populate the worlds warmer oceans. The Scorpaenidae family is made up of around 400 known species which include lionfish, stonefish and devilfish. Scorpaenids

Blood Sucking Lamprey.

 The Lamprey, which is also sometimes called a lamprey eel is a fish of sorts, which is jawless and has a toothed funnel for a mouth that is built for sucking. Truly the Dracula of the deep, lampreys are well known for the fact that they attach to the flesh of other fish and suck

The Wicked Wolf Fish

 A face not even a mother could love is how the wolf fish has been described. The wolf fish, found usually in the colder waters of the European area will generally live at depths of about 300 feet or more, and is viewed as one of the most unattractive fishes alive today. A wolf fish

The Molas | Ocean Sunfish

The Molas is a large fish that is quite uncommon although probably not endangered. The Molas is seen only rarely and then usually in open seas. Also called the Ocean sunfish, The Molas can weigh up to 600 pounds and is in reality a giant sunfish of sorts. They are normally between four and 8


The gunnel is a fish that looks a great deal like an eel, with a long thin body, and a dorsal fin that is about two times as long as his anal fin. The Gunnel is about three to ten inches long, but can grow to be as much as 18 inches long. Gunnels are

Porcupine Fish

Porcupinefish are part of a family of fish that are called Diodontidae, and are quite often more commonly called the pufferfish, or the blow fish. Inflated Porcupine Fish They are not in reality pufferfish, but are related to them. The Porcupine fish sports on its body a wide array of spines that stand erect when

Parrot Fish

The Parrot fish never failes to thrill and impress the diver or snorkeler with his beauty and grace, but even if they are not impressed by the way in which he looks, they cannot fail to be impressed by the slow, stately graceful way in which he swims. Adult Parrot Fish Some of the largest

The Perilous Piranha

The Piranha, which is also called the Caribe, is a very fierce fish that lives in fresh water of South America. They have also as of recent years been introduced into other areas where they were not native. They are now living in Hawaii, Central America, and Northern areas of Brazil. The Piranha There are

The Stinging Stonefish

Another of the most dangerous animals, though not often heard from, comes to us from Arabian Waters. Probably the most dangerous fish in the waters surrounding Arabia, up to and including sharks, is the very small stonefish. Although stonefish are very common in the shallow waters off Arabia’s very long coastline, the accidents that involve

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Members of the salmon family, the rainbow trout are those salmon which stay in fresh water after they hatch. They are found in Asia and most of North America. The anadromous type, those that hatch in freshwater streams then return to the ocean have been introduced into forty five countries to be used as sport


The Cornet fish is a relative small family of fishes that are very elongated and look quite strange when viewed. They are sometimes called rifle fish because of their looks. When viewed they have a very long snout that is  snout making up a quarter of the overall   length. The cornet fish is sometimes called