Mouse Spider

One of the more toxic spiders that are in existence is the Mouse spider, which can be found in environments ranging from desert to Eucalyptus tree forests, with the only real places they are not found being the southern rain forests of Australia.

Mouse spiders are not extremely large, with a leg span that will just about cover a quarter dollar USD, however they more than make up for it in aggressive behavior.

Mouse Spider, a very toxic arachnid
Mouse Spider, a very toxic arachnid

The Mouse Spider has eight tiny eyes that are spread across the front section of their head, behind the fang area.

The female is black in color, while the male is black or dark brown and may at times have a red head color.

Mouse spiders have extremely long and large fangs in comparison to many spiders of their size and to some which are significantly larger than they are.

They are about 2 centimeters long when adult.

THe mouse spiders fangs open extremely wide, and can open, like pincers and cross over each other.

They are very aggressive and when angry or threatened, they will rear backward, rush forward opening and closing their fangs, and permitting venom to drip from them, tiny droplets of the venom can be seen on the tips as they rush forward and back.

The venom of the mouse spider is compared to that of the Funnel Web, being just about as strong in nature.
The female venom is not quite as strong as that of the male.

The victim of the bite will suffer largely the same symptoms as that of a funnel web spider bite, those being markedly unpleasant.
The symptoms of the bite include muscle spasms, profuse sweating, intense pain and unconsciousness.

Mouse spider males may sometimes be called a Redheaded Mouse Spider because of their bright red eyes and their huge fangs.

Female mouse spiders will make small side tunnels in the earth with silk and earth, where she will deposit her eggs.. The nursery is used for the small spiders.


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