Scorpions are not technically insects.

They are actually related more closely to spider’s ticks and mite type creepy crawlies.

The body of a scorpion is divided into two parts, the abdomen and the cephalothorax.

A type of shield called a carapace will cover the cephalothorax.

Black Scorpion
Black Scorpion

Usually they have two eyes in the middle and then another two or three pairs of eyes at the front of their cephalothorax.

The middle or abdomen of a scorpion has twelve segments which are very easy to see and count.

The last four or five form the tail which is their main self defense weapon.

This is the area that holds the bulb-shaped organ containing the venom glands and a sharp, curved “needle”, called the aculeus that delivers the venom.

All scorpions have 8 legs.

The front pair of legs are more like arms, and are used to hold onto their prey and for self defense for the scorpion.

They also have something called pectines, and are the only animal alive with these.

Pectines are structures with teeth along the edges, that are shaped and look like a comb.. These are used to detect vibration.

When scorpions reproduce the male deposits its sperm on the ground where the female picks it up from crawling through it.
Females have live little ones and will carry them with her until they molt for the first time.

Scorpion with Young
Scorpion with Young

Scorpions favor warm desert type areas. They hunt during the night and will hide and rest during the day.

Scorpions are among the most ancient of all creatures.
The sting is normally used to paralyze prey and for self defense, but it can be fatal to humans.

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