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Yellow Mite

Also known as the citrus yellow mite, the yellow mite is an acariform mite species. As its name suggests, they are found on the foliage of citrus trees. However, they can also be associated with other plant varieties. The tiny yellow mite was first found in Morocco. It was first described in 1958 by Cooreman.


Ants are social insects that are related to wasps and bees. Although it may not look like a bee or a wasp, it actually evolved from a wasp-like ancestor during the mid-Cretaceous period which was 110 to 130 million years ago. It then began to diversify after flowering plants emerged. There are 12,500 ant species


Earthworms are the largest cylindrical segmented worm in the Oligochaeta class. The earthworm’s body looks like a small tube, and has a muscular, slimy, and moist outer body. It is annular, and has a very simple circulatory system. It has 2 main blood vessels throughout the length of their long body, where a ventral blood

Dor Beetle

The Dor Beetle feeds on organic matter, left behind by large herbivores. Without this bug, the world would have turned into a large pile of feces a long time ago. The Dor Beetle is a relative to the scarab, which Egyptians believed to be sacred and is still an icon in many Egyptian cults. This

Army Ant

For most people the Army Ant colonies seem dangerous. Hundreds of thousands ants that hunt and move all in one group can surely seem impressive, but they are not dangerous to humans, if not provoked. These ants inhabit territories ranging from south Mexico down to the tropical regions of South Africa. Unlike most ants, this


Bedbugs are one of the most unwelcome guests in human houses as these tiny animals feed on human and other creature blood. They don’t like light, which is why they spend the day hidden in dark places, and they come out at night and attack people that are sleeping. These parasites are widespread in all

Great Green Bush-cricket

The Great Green Bush-cricket (Tettigonia viridissima) is indeed large and bright green. Although large cricket swarms can cause damage to crop fields, on the whole these animals are harmless. In some regions of Italy there’s a rather barbaric belief – if you nail a cricket to a baby’s bed, it will bring luck. These creatures

Redback Spider

The Redback spider is a dangerous spider that resembles and is related to the infamous black widow spider. It is a family member of the genus Latroduectus which can be found throughout the world. A redback spider is characterized by a red stripe on its body The female spider is easily recognized by its distinctive

Zebra Spider

The Zebra Spider is widespread in almost all the territories North of equator. They have massive bodies suited for their hunting technique – instead of catching victims in their web, they swiftly jump it. They have earned their name for the white stripes that stretch across the stomach. A Zebra Spider Zebra Spiders are active


Glow-worms can produce light much more effectively than any light bulb invented by the humans. They can also change the colour and intensity of the light emitted, to which scientists haven’t found the explanation yet. Unfortunately, Glow-worms seem to be attracted by light and high intensity lighting, like in large cities, negatively affects their population.

Bull Ants

Bull Ants, also known as Myrmecia or Bulldog Ants are quick and aggressive predators that attack any creature they come across. These live in colonies, ruled by a queen ant. These small creatures are known for their extreme aggressiveness towards anyone who comes near their nest – they can chase strangers for as far as

South American Bushmaster

South American Bushmaster is the largest venomous snake in America. They live in the tropical forests of Southern and Central America, as well as the island of Trinidad. A legend tells us that the Bushmaster snake would suck out the milk from cows and sleeping women. However, this snake is rather passive and there have

Whip Scorpion

The Whip Scorpion (real name Thelyphonida) is actually an arachnid but is dubbed the ‘Whip Scorpion’ as it resembles a scorpion more than an arachnid species and has a whip-like tail. Whip Scorpions can be found in tropical and sub-tropical climates but are fairly hard to spot due to the fact that they avoid direct

Phasmatodea (Stick Insects)

This order of insects are known by different names in different countries; in Europe they are called the stick insects while in North America they are called the walking sticks, leaf insects or ghost insects. There are at least three thousand different types of stick insects in the world, ranging in size from under half

Daceton Armigerum

The Daceton Armigerum is an ant with a really strong jaw that has been around as long scientists have been studying ants. It is known for its ferocious attacks on other insects and it is known by those in Peru as an ant to stay away from at all costs. Even if you have never