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Cone Snail

Cone snails are also known as cone shells or cones in shorter version. It is from the family Conidae. They are a taxonomic family which varies in size from medium to large. It is a family of marine gastropod mollusks and predatory sea snails. The shapes of the shells of cone snails are similar to

Mouse Spider

One of the more toxic spiders that are in existence is the Mouse spider, which can be found in environments ranging from desert to Eucalyptus tree forests, with the only real places they are not found being the southern rain forests of Australia. Mouse spiders are not extremely large, with a leg span that will

Hairy Desert Scorpion

The Giant Hairy Scorpion is the largest scorpion in North America, and can, when fully grown, reach a length of about six inched long in body. They are brown, with yellow pincher’s, with brown hairs covering their bodies from which the name comes. Named for the hairs that cover its body, the Giant Desert Hairy

African Dung Beetle

There are a great many animals that eat tons of grass a day on the savanna in Africa. These folks make a lot of droppings, or to term it correctly, Dung. Insects such as the scarab beetle, or dung beetle are an important part of the ecosystem be cause they break it up and move

Camel Spider

Camel Spiders have become a household word since the inception of the Iraq war, because of the rumors of huge and bloodthirsty spiders being seen by service men, who also sent photos of spiders that were half the size of a man. The Rumor mill from the Middle east has given us camel spiders that

Blood Sucking Leech

Many people see leeches as some sort of horrid creature that sucks blood for a meal, and in fact in some cases that is true. In others however it is well off from the truth. There are literally hundreds of types of leeches, around the world and they live in myriad habitats such as freshwater,


Also Known as the Madagascar CockRoach or the Hissing Cockroach. Cockroaches are omnivores. A single exception is the wood eating cockroach that is found in Russia and China. Cockroaches breathe trough a system of tubes, which are called Tracheae, which is close to the word that describes human breathing. Giant Cockroach Theirs are attached to

Sunspider/Wind Scorpion

The Sunspider or Wind scorpion which is another name for it, ranges in size from nearly half an inch up to almost two inches. In comparison to their bodies they have gigantic pincers which are hinged to let them move up and down. They have a three segmented body, with very distinct sections. Sunspider Their

Brown Recluse

The Brown recluse is a highly poisonous spider that is native to the United States. There are a few other species elsewhere in the world. The Brown Recluse has a very distinctive pattern of a violin on its abdomen, which is dark in color, with the neck aspect of the violin pointing toward the spiders


Scorpions are not technically insects. They are actually related more closely to spider’s ticks and mite type creepy crawlies. The body of a scorpion is divided into two parts, the abdomen and the cephalothorax. A type of shield called a carapace will cover the cephalothorax. Black Scorpion Usually they have two eyes in the middle

Goliath Beetle

Goliath beetles are members of the insect family, called a scarab beetle. This group of insects is a native species to Africa. They are usually tropical although some are more subtropical. The Goliath beetles are among the largest beetle in the world and they are certainly the heaviest. Goliath Beetle The larvae need more protein

Red-kneed Tarantula

Red-kneed Tarantula is commonly found in Mexico. It is stout and stocky in nature, and has a beautiful tan and black coloration, a darker colored legs and reddish orange patches on every “knee”. The Red Knee Tarantula is very slow to grow, and also very long lived. Red Kneed Tarantula It is not uncommon to

Funnel Web

Funnel web spiders can be among the most poisonous in the world. They are found in Australia including Tasmania and in forest regions near the gulf coasts. There are about thirty species of the spiders identified. Funnel web spiders are so named due to the shape of the web they weave. Funnel web spiders live


Termites look a lot like ants. They have been much hated because of the damage they can do to structures such as wooden homes, however they also have a very high ecological value, due to their being able to break down such things as fallen logs and return them to the ecosystems. Termites are about

Black Widow

Famous, or infamous for its neurotoxin injecting bite, the Black Widow is not by definition an aggressive spider. A member of the family known as arachnids, the black widow is most common in areas where the climate remains temperate year round, and are particularly prolific in Arizona and New Mexico. There are three types of