Category: Moderately Endangered

Purple Frog

The Purple Frog is a product of isolated evolution that has been taking place for over 130 million years. Evolving from the amphibian family Nasikabatrachidae, the Purple Frog is a very recent discovery, having being discovered in India in 2003 making the Purple Frog the first new family of frogs to be discovered since 1926.

Darwin Frog

Green and brown or either one, the Darwins frog is about 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters long. The colors of the frog help to camouflage it as it hunts for its food but it is sometimes mistaken for a leaf and eaten by vegetarian animals as well as predators.

African Wild Ass

The African Wild Ass is one of the truly wild donkeys which inhabit the African plains. They are medium grey in summertime and iron gray in the winter, with a mane that stands upright although it is not very thick in nature. It features stripes on its lower legs not unlike those of a zebra.

Scottish Wildcat

One of the most impressive predators in the world, the Scottish Wildcat is intelligent, patient, agile and powerful, pound for pound as powerful as any other cat alive, large or small. Until as short a time ago as 1950, Scotsmen believed them to be mankillers. The Scottish Wildcat They hold the distinction and legend of

Southern Pudu

The Southern Pudu is one of the smallest of all deer species, as well as being one of the smallest of the ungulates as well. It is close in appearance to its relative, the Northern Pudu, but is smaller still than that diminutive animal. Their coats are rough and thick, and colored a brown black.

Bornean Big Cat

The Bornean big cat is also known as the Bornean Clouded Leopard or Diard’s Leopard. Whatever you want to call it, this is a medium sized wild cat that is found in the areas of Borneo, Sumatra, and the Batu Islands. This is a truly beautiful cat that has irregularly shaped markings that have dark

Philippine Tarsier

The Philippine Tarsier is an animal that not very many outside of the Philippines are familiar with. This creature is thought to be more than 45 million years old and was named for the tarsus bone, located in the ankle. The Philippine Tarsier is an endangered species and there is a foundation that has just


The Addax are the most well adapted of all desert antelope, shaped like a reindeer, they have short necks, high raised up withers and straight backs as well as rounded backsides. They have what looks like a brown toupee that sits on their forehead, and a white mask of hair that crosses their nose. The

Giant Dragonfly

Enormous dragonflies used to live in swamps millions of years ago in the Jurassic period. Their fossils have been found in many places in Europe that tell us of their vast size. Dinosaurs were born to the earth and died out from it, plants and birds and vast continents were born, and still the giant

Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaws are one of over sixteen species of macaw. All macaws are members of the parrot family and the hyacinth macaw is one of the very largest of the parrots. They are a deep cobalt blue, and sport an extremely large oversized beak. The beak is curved and looks quite prominent on the macaws


Numerous species of rhino have become extinct over millions of years. One species known as Toxotherium, the smallest known rhino, existed long ago in the central plains of North America and had a jawbone only three inches long. There are five species of rhinos on earth today. All of these have had their numbers much

Mountain Gorilla

Strong and powerful limbs give the impression of a fierce animal of which to be frightened. Tales such as King Kong and others add to that dismay when we see images of the Mountain gorilla, one of the largest living primates. Yet for all intents and purposes, nothing could be further from the truth. Shy

Saltwater Crocodile

The saltwater crocodile is an endangered species, found throughout southeast Asia, and in northern Australia. In the northern territories of Australia, they are called “salties”. An adult male will reach a length of 15 to 21 feet long and can weigh up to 1700 pounds. There are many documented cases of them being larger than

Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtles are reptiles. They evolved from ancestors who walked on land and then went back to the sea many million years ago. Turtles are part of a species that are so ancient in standing that they themselves watched dinosaurs become extinct. Green Sea Turtles are cold blooded, and breathe air. They possess scaly