Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaws are one of over sixteen species of macaw.

All macaws are members of the parrot family and the hyacinth macaw is one of the very largest of the parrots.

They are a deep cobalt blue, and sport an extremely large oversized beak. The beak is curved and looks quite prominent on the macaws face.

Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macaws are from the innermost part of Northern Brazil, and are also native to Bolivia and Paraguay.

These birds nest in existing holes in trees which they take over for nesting.

The egg clutch is about one or two eggs. Of the two usually only one will survive to fledge, or learn to fly.

Both parents will care for the chicks, and help to bring them food . The little macaws have hearty appetites and can eat their weight in a day.

The second egg will nearly always hatch a day or two later than the first and the second, smaller bird cannot compete with the first one for the food the parents provide
Little Macaws will remain with their parents until they are about six months of ange.

They will be full grown and start to breed themselves at about age seven years.

The Hyacinth Macaw is today endangered.

Estimates of its population range from 2500, to about five thousand.

Two Hyacinth Macaw
Two Hyacinth Macaw

They are hunted for the incredible color of their feathers, as well as to sell for pets, although new laws have made this illegal, the practice still persists.

Birds in captivity that are sold can bring a price that will range from 9000 to 1200 dollars.

Hyacinth macaws are easy prey as they usually spend most of their time in lighter forests or open grassy areas.

Unfortunately they don’t range in heavy forests, which might provide more cover for them.


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