Month: February 2008


The roadrunner is legendary for its speed, its unique appearance and because it is fast enough to catch and eat even a rattlesnake. Roadrunners are faster, large brown and what or black and white birds that sport a head crest, strong legs and feet and a tail that is long and tipped in white. The


The Zebra is, as they say in the Dr Seuss™ books a horse in striped pajamas. Well almost. It is in fact Africa’s answer to the wild horse. The Zebra lives in Africa and boast one of the largest numbers of animals of any species, There isn’t a lot that zebra won’t eat and they

Pink Fairy Armadillo

The smallest armadillo, she is known mostly for her shell like armor which encases her body and her very tiny size. The armadillo tends to look a great deal like something from a fairy tale. They are usually about 4 inches long, without the tail, and are pale rosy pink their color. They sport a


Armadillos are very small mammals, which have a hard outer shell that protects them like armor plating. There are several species of Armadillo and some of these can be distinguished by the bands on their armor. They will grow to be about thirty inches including their tails, while the giant species of armadillo will grow

Black Panther

The black panther is a commonly used name for a black specimen of a varied number of species. Typically the term panther. Usually in North America the term panther, will refer to the cougar or mountain lion. In Central America, this term will usually mean a Jaguar, and in other parts of the world it


Hippos are large plant eating mammals that live primarily in the Saharan areas of Africa. The hippopotamus is what is known as a semi aquatic mammal. He lives in the water during the daylight hours primarily to beat the high heat of the African habitat in which he lives. They live in larger groups of


The Meerkat is a sort of weasel, or mongoose but a bit larger and colored differently. The Meerkat is gray or tan and has a dark band on its back. It is yellow or tan on the underside, has dark eye patches and a tip of black on its tail. The Meerkat lives in some


The Aardvark is a native animal of Africa and is called the ant bear as well as Aardvark. The aardvark is built like a small pig, and has coarse hairs scattered over his body. He is stocky with an arched back and long legs Aardvarks have just four toes on their front feet. The back

Tasmanian Pademelon

Tasmanian Pademelons are a species found in Australia that includes two separate types of animals. They are somewhat akin to a kangaroo, and are in fact a type of wallaby, which has one very interesting and unique thing to recommend it. They make runways or cleared aspects in the grassy areas surrounding their location. Pademelons

Spotted Quoll

The Spotted Quoll, also known as the Spotted Tailed Quoll or Spotted Quoll is the second largest marsupial which is a carnivore. The largest being the Tasmanian devil. The Spotted Quoll is sometimes called the Tiger Cat. Quolls are about the size of a domestic cat, and will range in color from red brown to


Lyrebirds are found along the coast of Australia. They also life in Tasmania, and love dampened forests or wetlands, which are hard to traverse. They are superb at imitating other birds and in many cases can fool even the most experienced bird watcher with the many bird cries they can imitate, so that they think


The Ocelot has many names, Painted leopard, Manigordo, (mainly in Costa Rica) or Mcnenneys’s Wildcat. It is a wild cat through South and Central America, as well as Mexico. It has a length of up to 35 inches, not including it’s 18 inch tail, and weighs around 30 pounds. This makes it the largest of


The Quokka is a small marsupial. It is very much like the wallaby and tree kangaroo of Australia. The Quokka is very active after dusk and during the night, and very often sleep in small groups during the where they find shelter in dense vegetation. At night time up to 150 adults converge on waterholes


A mongoose is a very small carnivore, related to cats as well as to weasels and ferrets. They live in Asia, Africa and Europe. There are more than thirty kinds of mongoose, who feed on crabs, insects, chickens and rodents. In Asia, there was a popular sport which pit the mongoose against a snake called


There are multiple species of oryx, some of which have become extinct in the wild today, while others have healthy populations. The Oryx as a rule ranges across much of Africa, including nearly all of eastern and southern areas of Africa. The Oryx is a social animal who will live in groups, called herds, which