Tasmanian Pademelon

Tasmanian Pademelons are a species found in Australia that includes two separate types of animals.

They are somewhat akin to a kangaroo, and are in fact a type of wallaby, which has one very interesting and unique thing to recommend it.

They make runways or cleared aspects in the grassy areas surrounding their location. Pademelons are a nocturnal wallaby, who sleep during the day and eat at night from the vegetation.

Unlike their cousins they are not social animals, but are rather solitary and fiercely territorial, though some have been seen feeding nearby another.

Tasmanian Pademelon
Tasmanian Pademelon

They are short and stocky but average about the same height and length as a true wallaby, with the males being larger than the female in both height and weight.

Compared to both wallaby and kangaroos they are built strangely with short legs and a very short tail.

Their ears are also covered in hair, unlike the wallaby and kangaroo.

They will range in color from deep brown to red brown to lighter grey, with a reddish colored abdomen.

Pademelons are found only in Tasmania and live usually near the rainforests or the coastal forests to stay within the denser woodlands.

The Tasmanian Pademelon feed primarily on lower plants and shrubs and leafy brush. They will also eat herbs and smaller seedlings.

On low growing plants like grasses, some shrubs and their leaves, green shoots, herbs and seedlings.

Pademelons will breed nearly year round, but most of the young are born in autumn, which in Australia is April May and June.

They produce just one offspring at a time, which is born after about 30 days, and will stay inside the pouch for more than 6 months.

After about 4 more months they are weaned.

Pademelons in the wild have been seen to live about 5 or 6 years.

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