Pink Fairy Armadillo

The smallest armadillo, she is known mostly for her shell like armor which encases her body and her very tiny size.

The armadillo tends to look a great deal like something from a fairy tale. They are usually about 4 inches long, without the tail, and are pale rosy pink their color.

They sport a plume of hair in the face, and are distinguished by also having body armor in part of the under side of the animal, which is attached to the pelvic area.

Pink Fairy Armadillo
Pink Fairy Armadillo

Native to Argentina, they live in dry grassy areas and sandy plains where they dwell among cactus and thorny shrubs.

Usually not more than 6 inches long when even larger than normal the pink fairy armadillo has the capacity to completely bury its body in a matter of a few seconds if it is afraid or threatened.

These tiny animals will burrow small holes near ant colonies for a good food source, as they feed on ants and ant larvae.

Occasionally they have been known to eat worms, snails or some plant materials.

They are considered somewhat endangered due to predation by dogs and plowing of the fields for crops, as well as cattle grazing which has lessened their habitat.

Not a great deal is known of their mating and breeding habits however most armadillos give birth to only one offspring, sometimes twins. Armadillos litter is almost always the same sex for every baby born to the litter.

Armadillo’s life span is usually five to ten years, but in captivity they have been known to live as long as 16 years.
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