A mongoose is a very small carnivore, related to cats as well as to weasels and ferrets.

They live in Asia, Africa and Europe.

There are more than thirty kinds of mongoose, who feed on crabs, insects, chickens and rodents.

In Asia, there was a popular sport which pit the mongoose against a snake called the habu, which is a small very fast poisonous snake.


In India the mongoose is popular as a pet because they will kill the venomous snakes, even cobras. They are lightening fast and cunning in avoiding the bites of the animals but generally don’t consume the meat.

Mongoose of some species are very easily tamed, are intelligent and will learn tricks for a treat, so they are often kept as pets to rid the home of more than snakes, but also small rodents and pests.

Mongoose can be very destructive, killing off a great deal of the natural fauna when imported to control pests.

Mongoose will live in a great variety of habitat, including forest, savannah, desert and semi desert.

Mainly ground dwellers they will at times climb trees.

Baby Mongoose
Baby Mongoose

Not a lot is known of the breeding habits of the mongoose. They produce two litters per year when in proper climate, and will give birth to three young ones.

The little mongoose opens its eyes in about two weeks and is completely weaned by 45 days.

Shortly after weaning the young mongoose will leave the nest and does not retain contact with the parent. By three months little mongoose are independent.

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