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Angler Fish

The Anglerfish always seems to look irritated. To be honest, this deep sea fish does have a right to be somewhat upset since it is very probably the ugliest creature in the world, and lives, completely engulfed in darkness, on the most chilly, damp, inhospitable environment in the world, the bottom of the sea. The

Sea Star (Starfish)

There are about two thousands kinds of sea stars living in oceans world wide, from tropical seas to very cold sea floors. The kind we see most often is the five armed type, however there are some that will have as many as forty arms. What we call a star fish, isn’t actually a fish

Sea Anemone

Sea anemones are predatory fish, which live in the ocean, although they are named for the land flower of the same name. Sea anemones are somewhat like a small bag, which is attached the bottom of the ocean by a foot, and have a large body that is shaped like a column, and ends in

Colossal Squid

Colossal squid have always been known to live in the deepest aspects of the ocean, mostly in the southern oceans that surround Antarctica. There have been evidence aplenty of their existence from the stomaches of other creatures such as from sperm whales. Sperm whales contain further evidence of their meetings with the giant squid by

Sea Spider

Sea Spiders are found primarily in the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea. There are about 1000 species of sea spider and they range in size from extremely tiny one celled creatures to a bit larger, perhaps a quarter inch. Sea spiders have very long legs in comparison to their small bodies. They have four


Lobsters are known as invertebrates. They have an exoskeleton, which means that their skeleton is on the outside of their body to protect them better. This also means that lobsters will outgrow their shells and shed them, which leaves them vulnerable to enemies at this time. While they molt some of them will change colors


Yabbies are a type of freshwater crayfish or crawdad as the Americans call them, which are found in Australia. They are a crustacean which has an external skeleton. Yabbies have smoothed shells and can be many colors, depending on the habitat where they live. Greens, browns yellows blues and black are not at all uncommon

Humpback Whale

Some say the humpback whale is fifty feet long, others that it is more like sixty-five feet long. Either one is a pretty impressive length. Their flippers are very large also, from three feet wide to possibly 16 feet long. Humpback Whale Diving That is a nice size flipper for the female whale to protectively

Orca (killer whale)

The killer whales today evolved from mammals that had four legs. Inside the flippers of the whales is a bone structure typical of a four-legged animal’s foreleg and paw. Leg bones, unseen by us, are there buried in the flesh of whales. The tail of the whale is muscle. They most certainly were able to

Gray Whale

The Gray Whale is a baleen whale. What this means is that they have two blow holes and special plates that they can use to filter their food. Gray Whales are extremely large in size, and grow to as long as 45 feet. Gray Whales make an incredible migration which traverses the entire area from


Dolphins, along with whales are mammals, and are supposed by researchers and historians to be the remnants of land mammals, which entered the water to live several million years ago. Dolphins have residual legs near where the tail meets the body as you can see in this picture of a dolphin. Dolphins are very fast

Alligator Gar

The Alligator Gar is an aggressive, solitary fish found in the southeastern United States. The alligator gar is the largest species of gar and is the largest exclusively freshwater fish in North America. It can be as long as eight to twelve feet and often weighs at least 100 pounds at maturity. The current world

Bull Shark

Bull Sharks are known by many other names, among them Cub Shark and Nicaragua Shark. They have a very stout body and a broad short face and snout. Their eyes are very small in comparison to their bodies and they boast a pointed typical dorsal fin. The upper part of their bodies is pale gray,

Lizard Fish

The Lizard fish is a smaller predator fish that lives in the depths of the water. They are found throughout the world. The Lizard Fish has a very short dorsal fin, a small fatty second dorsal fin and a caudal fin which bursts a very deep fork in it. Lizard Fish It has a large

Black Dragonfish

A Black Dragonfish is a very long, very thin fish that lives in deep water and will go as low in the water as about 2 thousand feet. They are at home in the depths of the ocean and will spend their entire lives there, without surfacing much closer than a thousand feet below the