Lobsters are known as invertebrates.

They have an exoskeleton, which means that their skeleton is on the outside of their body to protect them better.

This also means that lobsters will outgrow their shells and shed them, which leaves them vulnerable to enemies at this time.

While they molt some of them will change colors as well.


Lobsters live-in sandy or muddy bottoms of water, and usually live alone in burrows underneath rocks or crevices.

They eat live food, fish, other crustaceans or worms, although occasionally they will eat plant life.

Some lobsters will eat their skin when they molt.

Lobsters grow their entire lives, and each year grows larger and larger. Lobsters can live up to 100 years if they are not caught.

The largest one ever caught weighted forty five pounds.

A lobster is a strange looking creature, reminding you of something from the cretaceous period or a dinosaur of sorts.

They have antenna, mandibles and huge eyes which are on stalks above their heads, although they do not see well. Since they live at the bottom of the sea where things are dark and dingy, they do not see well when above the water or below.

The stomach of a lobster includes something called swimmerets.

Lobsters walk usually along the bottom of the sea floor, but when they sense danger they will swim backward with incredible lightening speed, curing their tail over and under to push themselves backwards.

Lobster swimming speed has been recorded at 15 feet per second.

Lobsters have been the center of a great controversy for a very long time between animal rights activists and those who eat the lobster because the lobster is boiled while it is alive.
Some contend that the lobster can feel no pain, while others say it does.

In England a device called a stun is used to electrocute the lobster prior to boiling it so that it dies rapidly.

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