Alligator Gar

The Alligator Gar is an aggressive, solitary fish found in the southeastern United States. The alligator gar is the largest species of gar and is the largest exclusively freshwater fish in North America.

It can be as long as eight to twelve feet and often weighs at least 100 pounds at maturity. The current world record alligator gar weighed 279 pounds and was caught in the Rio Grande River in 1951.

He has a dual row of large, sharp teeth in the upper jaw, giving it its name. The dorsal surface of the alligator gar is brown or olive green, while the ventral surface tends to be a lighter color, and he has diamond-shaped, interlocking scales.

It is a carnivore and feeds by lurking in weed beds or other underwater plant life, waiting for its prey.

Although feeding mostly on fish, the alligator gar will also eat waterfowl, and, rarely, has been known to attack humans. It has even been observed attacking a five foot alligator before devouring it!

Primitive Alligator Gar 2
Primitive Alligator Gar 2

An interesting anatomical feature is that its buoyancy bladder is directly connected to its throat, giving it the ability to draw in air from above the water, which is why alligator gar are often found near the surface of a body of water.

You will find the alligator gar in swamps and slow-moving rivers.

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