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Has the lost city of Atlantis been found?

A team of scientists from Spain, the United States, and Canada believe that they have found the fabled city of Atlantis in southern Spain’s mud flats. They were able to find the supposed city using a variety of technologies such as electrical resistivity tomography, satellite imagery, digital mapping, underwater technology, and ground penetrating radar. Athanasius

Horses Electrocuted at the Races in the UK

A mysterious tragedy happened to two horses at the Novices’ Hurdle Race yesterday. The two horses, Fenix Two and Marching song, were killed in what seemed to be some type of electrocution. There were hundreds of onlookers who saw the two horses rear up and scream, and then drop to the ground. Other horses showed

Sick Seals Found off the Norfolk Coast

A mysterious illness faces seal pups that live on the Norfolk beaches in the UK. The illness is destroying the species and baffling the scientists as the sickness leaves the pups weak, starving and struggling to breathe. The harbor seals, also known as common seals have needed emergency care by veterinarians twice as much as

Ancient Organisms Found Alive!

Scientists have found ancient organisms that were trapped in salt crystals 34,000 years ago. This was reported in a study published by The Geological Society of America’s open-access journal, GSA Today. These ancient organisms that were found are called prokaryotes. These are microbes which were known to exist in sub-surface habitats such as continental and

How Fleas Jump

So we all know that fleas have the ability to jump over 100 times their own height, but we have always wondered just how this is possible. To think that a creature so small could jumps so high seems almost unbelievable and yet it is very true. A flea At Cambridge, a study was given

Good News: No More Mouldy Fruit!

Are you someone who tends to forget what’s hidden way back in the fridge? Or are you someone who accidentally tends to buy too many groceries? If so, there is some fantastic news for you! Great news - no more mouldy fruit in the fridge thanks to scientific researchers! Researched done by microbiologists at the

More UFOs spotted in the USA and Israel

Another sighting of a UFO was spotted, this time in the skies above American Fork, Utah. The sighting took place Wednesday, January 26. Those who saw the lights described them as three red lights hovering low in the skies with each red light dropping smaller white lights which then disappeared. Nobody can yet explain these

Aliens Began Life on Earth

Astrobiologist Dr. Richard Hoover works with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and has been studying the tiny bacteria that is found within meteorites. Having travelled the globe while studying these bacteria for ten years, he now believes that he has discovered a foreign life form that could explain the beginning of the life on Earth.

Seeds of Life Came from Outer Space

A meteorite found in Antarctica in 1995 and known as the Grave Nunataks 95229 is providing evidence that may help the theory about life on Earth coming from elsewhere in the universe. Tests conducted on the rock showed that it is made of partly of nitrogen containing both DNA and proteins. Could the seeds of