Horses Electrocuted at the Races in the UK

A mysterious tragedy happened to two horses at the Novices’ Hurdle Race yesterday. The two horses, Fenix Two and Marching song, were killed in what seemed to be some type of electrocution. There were hundreds of onlookers who saw the two horses rear up and scream, and then drop to the ground. Other horses showed signs of pain in the paddock. One was wobbling and others were reported to have burn marks on their mouths after they were finished with the race. The investigation focused on electric shocks, but none of the cables beneath the paddock was damaged, and none of the stable boys leading the horses into the ring was harmed.

Horse racing competition
Horse racing competition

Jonjo O”Neill, trainer of Fenix Two said that he noticed Kid Cassidy, the horse in front of his, go down on his knees.” Fenix Two then reared up and we couldn’t get him back. It was as if he was stuck to the ground. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

A veterinarian who tried to help Fenix Two told the reporters; “There was an unpleasant sensation touching him, like an electrical stimulus. It was worse when I went up to his ears, where he was sweating and warmer. I tried to administer some drugs to him, but unfortunately he died a couple of minutes later.” One stable boy who led the horses said that he got an electric shock off the horse, and three others said the same thing. They also said, “The horses were kicking out at something and it seemed to be in an area leaving the paddock.’

Investigators are looking at other reasons for the death of the horses. They said they were going to be testing the water supply and they would carefully review the footage from the television coverage. They said it was also curious that the two horses that died were wearing a different kind of horseshoe. They were the only ones wearing a type of shoe called racing plates which are steel plated shoes, not alloy shoes like the other horses.

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