More UFOs spotted in the USA and Israel

Another sighting of a UFO was spotted, this time in the skies above American Fork, Utah. The sighting took place Wednesday, January 26. Those who saw the lights described them as three red lights hovering low in the skies with each red light dropping smaller white lights which then disappeared. Nobody can yet explain these lights which flew silently and slowly in formation. People said that there was no sound coming from the shooting of the smaller lights, and that they did not look like a military exercise. A father and son filmed the flight for several minutes, and said they saw the same sight in New York in December.

Here’s a video of what this father and son duo saw:
YouTube Preview Image

Two nights before the Utah sighting, there were multiple sightings of a single UFO above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel. Usually any sightings in Jerusalem have proven to be hoaxes, but this was spotted from four different angels. It is forbidden to fly over the Dome of the Rock landmark because it is an ancient Islamic shrine. Many people believe that it was not a UFO flying over the landmark, but rather the Hebrew god Elohim.

Did a UFO really fly over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem?
Did a UFO really fly over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem?

The craft hovers above the Dome for a few minutes before it flickers and shoots upward at a very fast speed. Former Ministry of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope said: “If these are real, they are some of the most incredible videos ever shot. If they are not, then this is a very well planned and coordinated hoax designed to eliminate elements of doubt. The way it shoots up into the sky suggests it is unmanned, because no living thing could survive those kinds of G-forces.

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