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Strange Phenomenon Caught In Hungary

Around Oct 15th, 2009 these photos were taken from an iPhone using the application “iSpy”. Roughly 7:00AM Hungarian time. There was an unusual “ghostly” cloud floating around a tree near a small park in Budapest. The ghostly cloud was circling the tree at around 5-7 MPH and after witnessing this phenomenon for ten minutes I

Pet Supplies for Less

Pet Supplies for LessPet Supplies For Less, located in Fairbury Nebraska is one of the best discounted pet supply houses that we’ve ever worked with. Specifically the customer service is ranked remarkably highly, with answers to most questions nearly immediately. Having ordered from these folks repeatedly over a four year time span, we’ve had one

WSPA Animal Charity

Donate to WSPAThe UK solution to the American ASPCA is the WSPA. The WSPA raises funds and actively works toward ending animal cruelty in all its many forms. Humanity is one of the few animals of the world who will seek to do injury to another animal for no reason what so ever. They hold

Secrets to Dog Training

The Secrets to Dog Training books are a series of books that have been helpful to numerous people over the course of the past few years. According to those who have used them, they’ve been thrilled with the results that they’ve taken away from the training processes that they have learned. Several users had said

Dog Training Secrets

Teaching your dog new tricksYour dog is learning constantly. The problem that you are presented with is how to help him to learn the best habits and not bad ones. Dogs have a different method of understanding than people do.  Getting the Dog training secrets that you need to make your dog your real best

DR Dogs Behavior Solutions

DR Dogs Behavior SolutionsOkay so like most of the rest of us at some point you’re going to be at the end of your wits wondering exactly how to train that new dog. Whether he’s an older dog or a puppy, every dog has some kind of issues that may rear their heads and cause

Jakes Dog House

Jakes Dog HouseOne of the most interesting new sites we’ve seen online in a long time, Jake’s Dog House brings you products of all kinds. From Dogs to cats, Jake’s dog house brings you toys, foods, treats and necessities for both dogs and cats as well as other pets. Jake’s Dog house brings you products

Turtle Care Guide

Turtle CarePaul Bryan, owner of turtles for more than ten years has given us his insights on turtle care and what a turtle needs to be healthy and happy. The turtle is not always an easy pet to have and to care for. They can go from wandering to moping around and doing literally nothing

Veterinary Secrets

Veterinary Secrets RevealedWritten by Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM the veterinary secrets is a book about animals for the pet lovers of the world. If you’d like to be able to know whats wrong with your dog and to be able to make the right choices to keep your dog healthy this might be the way

Toilet Train Cats

Toilet train your catCats on Toilets? In fact a lot of people have asked the question and the fact is, yes it’s real. Sounds almost too good to be true and we know all about things that sound too good to be true.. but in this case.. you’re fairly safe. The cat on the toilet

Salt Water Aquarium Advice

Andrej Brummer tells all on his aquarium secretsThousands of people each year try to have a saltwater aquarium in their home with minimal success. The  salt tanks that they  put in, lovingly tend and spend hundreds of dollars for end up being less than lovely, but instead a headache, with sick fish, dying investments and 

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll CatsRagdoll cats are a specific type of cat that is usually happy, healthy and without incident, but some will have a few minor problems that you re going to need to address. Different cat breeds have different needs and they do require some special consideration. Just as each breed of dog is unique and

Pet Sitting Service

Pet Sitters ServicePet sitting is becoming a big business in the United States and elsewhere, but how do you know if the person that you trust to watch your dog or cat is doing it well, and are taking good care of the furry friends that you love. Are they good pet sitters or are

Snuggie for Dogs

Our Rating: 10/10 Official Website: Getting your dog to wear a sweater can be a serious challenge. I don’t know about yours but a lot of mine don’t want a thing to do with the sweaters that are tight, hard to get on and its a battle. The truth is though that some of

Puplight Dog Collar

The Puplight is among the most unique new items that we’re seeing. Introduced more than five years ago, it’s not as popular as it should be and to be honest we just don’t know why. Official Website: Everyone walks their dog at night and everyone who has a dog wants to do their best