Pet Supplies for Less

Pet Supplies for Less
Pet Supplies for Less
Pet Supplies For Less, located in Fairbury Nebraska is one of the best discounted pet supply houses that we’ve ever worked with. Specifically the customer service is ranked remarkably highly, with answers to most questions nearly immediately.

Having ordered from these folks repeatedly over a four year time span, we’ve had one order incorrect. The mistake was immediately rectified and shipping was free. Pet Supplies 4 Less offers you discounts on the items that you use every day.Frontline flea spray purchased from Petsupplies4less saves a significant amount over the cost of the same products when purchased from a pet store.

Products that you use each day, and require every summer, particularly if you have multiple pets are things such as Frontline, heart worm medication, antibiotic for your fish tank, bird biotics, even all natural flea treatments and worm preventatives are much lower in price, although the products that you are buying are exactly the same.

Doing treatments for the strays our neighborhood we ran into problems with fleas, ear mites and other parasites. Treating the entire colony of strays was far less expensive than itmight have been and the products that we purchased were exactly the same the same quality and brands that we used for our pets at home.

In addition to small animal medications you may also, (if your state permits it and you are able and comfortable with it) give your own injections for things like kennel cough, cat vaccinations and also purchase vaccinations for other animals such as cows and horses.Injectible meds are sent refrigerated in dry ice an coolers, arriving as safely as if they’d been hand delivered.

Syringes and medications were delivered within two days time directly to our door. The service and merchandise from Petsupplies4less has been well worth our money and worth our time each time for ordering. Using a credit card each time, we’ve never run into any charges on our credit card and charges are not processed until your merchandise is shipped.

If you have prescriptions from your veterinarian you may fax those directly to Pet Supplies for less and they will be shipped out within a days time in most cases.

If you think you’d be interested in learning more about petsupplies for less or in ordering your next set of pet supplies from them, and you’d like to discuss the order or ask questions, or for more information, Petsupplies4less, located in Fairbury Nebraska, in the heart of the midwest will be pleased to answer your questions or hear your comments.

To order by telephone:

Customer Service: Contact Us
713 4th Street
P.O. Box 214
Fairbury NE 68352

Phone: 877-813-PETS (7387)
Fax: 866-787-1185


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