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Turtle Care
Turtle Care
Paul Bryan, owner of turtles for more than ten years has given us his insights on turtle care and what a turtle needs to be healthy and happy.

The turtle is not always an easy pet to have and to care for. They can go from wandering to moping around and doing literally nothing at all or in fact they may, if not happy, keep trying unsuccessfully or successfully to escape their confinement and find new digs.

Turtles have some of the most special requirements of all pets. These can range from special lighting to special levels of water, to special types of water, to a unique diet. Literally anything you may do can  injure a turtle on so many different levels. Knowing what you’re doing means taking the time to explore what your kind of turtle needs to be healthy.

You may find that something so small as just a new light will perk your turtle up and changing his diet will have him exploring more, wandering and going from not eating anything to eating anything you put in front of it.

The alternative is that you don’t know about those special requirements and you don’t know what he needs to be happy and to stay healthy. How fast will your turtle grow? Do turtles only grow in regard to their living space? What are the myths that are out there about turtles that may be hurting your turtles?

How do you keep those turtles healthy without spending a fortune on new houses and new stuff every single month.  Is that turtle food that someone recommended and costs so much really the best thing for your turtle? chances are that it’s not. Turtles can live for a very long time, or they can live unhappily for a very short time. Find out what you need to do to make your turtle live a longer, happier life and be with you for years to come.

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