Month: March 2008

Hermit Crab

The hermit crab is known in many cultures as a great pet, though these crabs can be found in nature, too! What many people do not know about this species is that it is not closely related to a true crab whatsoever. What sets these crabs apart from other crabs is that they have a

Cape Fox

The Cape Fox is a small fox that is also known as the Cama Fox or the Silver-backed Fox. This is one of the smaller fox species and is usually black or silver gray in color with yellow undersides and flanks. The tip of the tail of this species allows for it to be easily

Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo Rat is general name given to a group of about 22 species of small North American rodents. There are several differences in the many species of this rodent, however they all prefer arid to semi-arid habitat. They will live in any dry region of Mexico, Canada or the U.S. as long as it retains

Black Hound

Sightings of the Black Hound have been reported all over England since the early 1500’s up until the present day. The Black Hound is often described as an abnormally large jet black dog the size of a cow or a bear, with large claws, fangs, matted or shaggy fur and glowing red eyes. Many believe the Black


The Galago is an animal that is known by many names such as bush babies or nagapies. The term nagapies actually means “little night monkeys” in Afrikaans, so it is quite fitting. These beings are actually small primates that are nocturnal in nature. Many people refer to these primates as bush babies because of the

Chacma Baboon

Also known as the Cape Baboon, the Chacma Baboon is a member of the Old World monkey family. This species is one of the largest in size and weight of all of the baboons measuring about 115 centimeters and weighing 15 to 31 kilograms. The Chacma Baboon is usually dark brown or gray and has

Giant Forest Hog

The Giant Forest Hog is known to be the biggest member of the Suidae, a pig family and is actually the only member of the Hylochoerus genus. These hogs present an intimidating appearance with males being as much as two meters in length and 1.1 meters high and can weigh as much as 1,100 pounds!

Scape Ore Monster

In 1988 late one night in Bishopville, South Carolina, Chris Davis was attacked whilst changing a car tyre at the roadside of the Scape Ore Swamp. As the story goes, Chris was confronted by a large biped with scaly green skin and razor sharp claws extending from spindly fingers. The monster jumped onto the roof

Gef The Talking Mongoose

One dark september night in 1931 on the Isle of Man, the Irving family began hearing strange sounds coming from the attic of their small farm house. At first, the Irving family dismissed the noise as a local animal, however that ‘local animal’ was soon going to reveal itself to the Irving family. Some time

Skunk Ape

The Skunk Ape or Stink Ape as it is known is said to lurk in Southeast USA. The name ‘Skunk Ape’ is given for its description of an ape-like cryptid and vile stench of rotten eggs that seems to surround it. Most commonly reported between the 1960’s and 1970’s in the Everglades of Florida but

Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil, the child of a curse.. the child of the Devil. There are many turns on the origin of the Jersey Devil, most of which lead back to Ms Deborah Smith, a Quaker who moved to live with her soon to be husband Mr Leeds. As the story goes Mrs Leeds was giving birth


Those that are familiar with wildlife in Madagascar are familiar with the Fossa, though these animals are not well known by those from the rest of the world. The Fossa is a mammal and is thought to be most closely related to the mongoose. Most know of this animal because it is the second largest


At first glance many people guess the Bilby to be a rabbit, and then others believe it is some sort of mouse, but neither is true! The Bilby is actually a marsupial that is most closely related to the bandicoot. The meaning of the world in an Aboriginal language is “long nosed rat” indicating that


The Chimaera is also known as Chimaera fish, ghost sharks, ratfish, or rabbitfishes. These fish are related to both sharks and rays and are a member of the order Chimaeriformes. Unlike a lot of animals that you’ll find in the water, the chimaera has a skeleton that is made up of cartilage and their skin

Vervet Monkey

The Vervet Monkey, which is sometimes known as the green monkey, is a medium sized primate that is actually a member of the Old World monkeys. The Old World monkeys make up six different species and the Vervet Monkey makes up the whole genus Chloroecbus. These monkeys are quite unique, having dorsal fur colorings that