Gef The Talking Mongoose

One dark september night in 1931 on the Isle of Man, the Irving family began hearing strange sounds coming from the attic of their small farm house. At first, the Irving family dismissed the noise as a local animal, however that ‘local animal’ was soon going to reveal itself to the Irving family.

Some time later the Irvings reported that the sounds being made by the unidentified animal began to resemble a baby learning to talk and shorty after to mimic certain words that the ‘animal’ seemingly picked up from the Irving family.

As the months passed the ‘animals’ English was becoming increasingly more fluent. At this point ‘Gef’ as the creature called itself disclosed that ‘it’ had been born in New Delhi on the 7th of june 1852. However Gef still didn’t explain how he had managed to get to the Isle of Man from India.

After these events, the Irvings reported paranormal activity similar to that of a poltergeist, where objects were being thrown across the room with no explanation. At this time the Irvings also reported that Gef was spying on the neighbours and relaying all the information back to the Irvings, it was at this point that Gef revealed itself be somekind of Mongoose-like creature, and Mrs Irving was even known spend time petting and grooming Gef.

Locals even reported to have seen Gef running around town and reporting back to the Irvings.

Gef, a real Mongoose, or a myth devised by bored townspeople?

No real proof was ever found to support the existence of Gef. Hairs were found in the Irvings home which were believed to be from Gef but turned out to be from the family dog. Also a paranormal investigator was called into the Irvings home but found nothing.

A handful of photographs said to be of Gef entered circulation, however the photographs were poor quality and didn’t show any conclusive evidence.

The Irvings left the farmhouse in 1937. Sometime after this the new owner is said to have shot large a Mongoose-like creature.


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