Newfoundland Wolf

The Newfoundland was a subspecies of the grey wolf, which is a predator with whom the cattlemen and ranchers still take issue today.

The Newfoundland wolf lived on the island of Newfoundland which is off the east coast of Canada.

The Newfoundland wolf was a large wolf which was said to be white, with a black stripe down its spine.

Newfoundland Wolf Diagram
Newfoundland Wolf Diagram

The wolf was said to have been a large, white animal with a black stripe down its spine.

No images are available of this animal although its extinction is relatively recent within the last hundred years.

This beautiful animal lasted as long as it took people to settle the island, who arrived and promptly destroyed much of the animal population in the area.

Newfoundland now has a high population of moose, which create numerous road collisions and forest destruction and devastation.

Very possibly this is because the wolves were hunted and haunted into extinction on Newfoundland.

European settlers were only too willing to view the wolf as a cattle killer, and so decided to kill off the islands population by setting a bounty on the wolf there.

On September 14, 1839, the government put out a bounty on wolf hides.

Vigorous hunting and trapping led to its extinction in 1911. Hunting, trapping and vigorous predator control methods destroyed the last remaining survivors on the island.

There are now over twenty species of wolf which have been hunted and harried to extinction by our over eagerness to view them as bad, or something which hurts our interests.

The following wolves are an example of our overzealous methods of dealing with natural creatures we do not understand.

  • Kenai Peninsula Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Manitoba Wolf – PRESUMED EXTINCT?
  • Newfoundland Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Northern R Cascade Mountains Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Great Plains Wolf/ Buffalo Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Texas Gray Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Banks Island Tundra Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Mogollon Mountain Wolf – EXTINCT
  • Spanish Wolf – EXTINCT

Isn’t it time we began to think about what we are doing when we harass any animal into complete absence from our planet.


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