Pinyon Tree

The Pinyon Tree is an evergreen, found primarily in drier climates, such as dry foothills, mesas, canyons and areas that grow a great deal of scrub.

It will grow from 20 to 40 feet tall, and has dark green needles that grow in sets of two as opposed to the leaf type tree.

The Female Pinyon Pine Tree
The Female Pinyon Pine Tree

It will also bear cones, which are egg shaped, and offers wingless seeds sprouting from it when it has dried. The cones of the female pinyon have seeds which are edible and are considered a delicacy here.

Pinyon is what is known as a white pine, which mean s that the wood from it is whiter in color instead of reddish tan colored.

Needles on most white pines normally grow in clusters of five so the Pinyon is unusual in that its needles grow only in pairs. Foresters classify the pines in two groups.

The white pines, which are a whiter color and have wood softer in nature, such as limber pines and pinyons, while Jack pine is classed as a yellow pine, and is of a more hardwood nature than its white pine cousins.

Pine trees grow nearly everywhere in North America, some, such as the Monterey are limited to a small area, but when transplanted do seem to flourish with the right care and soil type.

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