Traps Burmilla Cat Activity Centre

Everyone who has a cat knows how necessary it is to give them something to do. Particularly if you’re gone during the daytime, a restless bored cat can do more than damage your home, they can devastate it, as cat owners everywhere know.

Our little friends can be less than delicate when it comes to the furniture as well. Offering them something such as the Tramps Burmilla play activity center is always a good idea. Giving them toys to play with, scratching pads and a place to hide is the ideal situation for a feline friend.

Cat Activity Centre
Cat Activity Centre

Cat activity centers, or cat tree’s, as they are often called, are the perfect spot for your friend to  play, scratch at, to curl up and take a nap, or to sit on and look out the window at their domain.

Cats particularly like the Burmilla Cat Tree or cat activity center in our opinion due to the sisal scratching poles that are attached to it. It seems to be something they really sink their claws into. The softfaux fur is easy on the kitty when its nap time, and also when they are perched to watch the world go by.

Cat Activity Centre
Cat Activity Centre
The Tramps Burmilla cat activity center is a great cat tree, or cat toy and is quite a playground for the price. It’s been kitted out with a tunnel, two platforms as well as a swing and does keep them amused for hours on end.

Its likely going to be a hit at your house and will fit in nearly anywhere. The base is about 45×45 cm while the height is about 90 cm tall.It fits easily into a corner or in front of a wide window to give your cat some amusement and a new view.

Keeping your cat amused is important when you’re not home and interacting with them, and enjoying their antics is fun when you are home. We’ve found the TrampsBurmilla to be quite a unique and wonderful cat toy activity center that gives your furry friend plenty to do. That’s going to work well. No one wants to come home to find their favorite chair shredded or the keyboard full of cat hair where your best friend slept on it all day.

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